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  1. txgymfan

    Metroplex gymnastics

    Your daughter is nine. Trust your gut and stand firm. Children do not get the final say in investments that cost thousands of dollars and require large commitments of family time. Does she get final say in picking out your new car because she rides in it? A gym payment is often as much as a car...
  2. txgymfan

    For the curious -- NAIGC

    I love this. I’m always sad to see gymnasts so many drop the sport immediately after high school after being so involved for often their entire lives.
  3. txgymfan

    Practice during vacation ?

    Not for Simone! She’s going to the beach and not stepping foot in a gym. https://people.com/sports/simone-biles-really-excited-getaway-with-boyfriend/ I love her honesty. It’s so refreshing for an elite gymnast to admit she takes vacations and has a serious boyfriend, both of those topics...
  4. txgymfan

    Very few XD gymnasts

    I’m glad to hear XD is growing. It’s also nice that XCel is finally getting more notice overall. I think it’s often an underrated program for athletes and families who do not want gym to be all consuming, still a priority, just not the only one.
  5. txgymfan

    Grips Sizing Question

    Depending on her level and especially if it wasn’t states, my kid may have learned a hard lesson that day, If I did drive and pick them up, it would be one time only.
  6. txgymfan

    Elite gymnast

    We had a member here for a long long time who was extremely persnickety about the word Elite. ( I’m sure our veteran members will recall a few of his written diatribes on the topic). I believe he insisted that only gymnasts who participated at USNationals were true elite with even fewer being...
  7. txgymfan


    I have absolutely no idea. None. How do they get on the bars again?
  8. txgymfan


    This is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the pain her teammates are going through, in addition to her family.
  9. txgymfan

    Popping/Clicking Rib - no pain

    We can’t give medical advice. I’ll leave this thread unlocked for now.
  10. txgymfan

    Level 4 vault

    You must be 16 to join Chalk Bucket. You are banned.
  11. txgymfan

    Changing gyms

    This is the most important part of your post. Athletes are getting hurt due o ineffective coaches, therefore we are done with this gym. When it’s a safety issue you must make the decision as a parent. Either she can change gyms or pick a new activity. Gymnastics is a dangerous sport when...
  12. txgymfan

    NCAA’s new recruiting rules

    Moving on. Locking the thread. Feel free to start a new one with new issues.
  13. txgymfan

    Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    I’m not planning to delete the thread. Also, as long as people stay respectful it will remain open.
  14. txgymfan

    Terrible Anxiety and Bad Shaking On Beam... HELP

    How old are you?
  15. txgymfan

    Back fracture/stress fracture recovery

    This thread is almost three months old. Unless you are the original poster let’s try not to post on old, dead threads.
  16. txgymfan

    Last Minute Level Downgrade

    I’m not sure if I should lock this thread or just remind everyone to be nice. As my mom would say “Cool your Jets”.
  17. txgymfan

    Spam posts?

    This is not common but it seems to come in spurts. We try to catch the ads and block the posters as soon as possible but it can take a few hours.
  18. txgymfan

    Level 4 vault

    How old are you?
  19. txgymfan

    Help! New and needing advice!

    OP if you’re still reading this thread, please know that none of this information is meant to put down you or your DD. Our opinions are only opinions, based on years of experience in the sport and learning from the countless parents that have posted on CB over more than a decade. At its best...
  20. txgymfan

    Body image

    We have to be very careful about how we discuss this topic on a public forum.