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    Very few XD gymnasts

    My daughter is doing L8-type routines as a diamond this year, is competing some C skills, and is working D and E skills. She's typically uptrained quite a bit at the expense of perfect routines, but she's more interested in learning the skills as opposed to perfection at meets. She does 11...
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    Very few XD gymnasts

    My daughter is a first year XD and we were worried she’d be at meets with very few gymnasts. There were only two in our state the last two years. The first two meets she’s going to have 12 Diamonds registered, which was a nice surprise. Not sure what things will look like after those meets, but...
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    My daughter’s coach says to expect a six month adjustment period for a large growth spurt, give or take depending on the kid. As you note with your daughter, she says bars is usually the hardest adjustment because of the big change in center of gravity.
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    Xcel Skipping levels in Xcel

    My daughter competed one year of Bronze, one year of Silver, then last year scored out of Gold and did the full year at Platinum. This year she's competing Diamond. It hasn't appeared to hurt her development. For reference, she did rec gymnastics at a non-competitive gym and then moved to a...
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    Level 6 acro series - Deductions

    No advice but hugs to your girls. My DD competed Platinum against them last year, and they are wonderful gymnasts. Fingers crossed they can effectively work through or around their blocks.
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    HELP: Breaking a gym $$ contract to change gyms

    At the risk of being a contrary voice, by all means leave this horrid gym and attempt to put the place behind you, but don't assume they won't try to enforce this. I don't think it's likely, but it's possible and it's possible a court could enforce it. Contract law can very by jurisdiction, and...
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    Floor Routines

    FWIW, there's common law copyright protection for any work of "art," regardless of whether it's registered. So there would possibly be common law copyright for the choreography. But, and this is a big screaming neon but, proving it's distinctive when there are so many similar moves shown in...
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    Floor Routines

    Most gym music companies give the license to the purchaser and it's not intended to be passed around, even though I know that's common. If your daughter wishes to keep using the music, send them an email or letter pointing out the licensing violation and insist they cease using music you possess...
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    Springboard for bars?

    My daughter's gym uses a wedge-shaped mat for shorter gymnasts instead of a springboard for this reason. If it doesn't get pulled there's not as much of a risk of injury as with a springboard.
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    Xcel Is 13 too old for xcel silver

    That would definitely not be too old in our area. You see all kinds of older girls in Xcel Silver.
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    Booster Club Advice

    That's because the coach isn't an employee of the tax exempt org-- they are an employee of the associated for profit org. If the non-profit is paying the employees of the for profit org, it raises the appearance that the non-profit is a pass-through so that the for profit org can avoid taxes...
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    Upper Xcel practice hours?

    Our gold-diamonds can practice up to 10.5 hours a week (minimum of 7 hours) with regular Xcel practices. My daughter does a total of 11 because she does one practice a week with the optional gymnasts that overlaps and gives her an extra .5 hour, along with the other diamonds.
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    Platinum vault Yurchenko?

    Unfortunately no-- no timers in Xcel. Here's a link to the vault chart: http://www.nawgj.org/Xcel%20Reference%20Cards%20-%20Updated%2010_21_2018.pdf
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    Xcel to JO?

    This is exactly it. My daughter does Xcel, and her gym shows it more respect than some other gyms in the area. The JO girls do look at them as a little bit "lesser," but the Xcel coaches don't treat them that way. They do as many meets as the L3-5 girls, and get to do Regionals if they qualify...
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    Level 6 JO = xcel platinum?

    Yeah, my daughter is doing Diamond and she's doing more skills than required but it's still more like L8. You can do one D skill per event, but it appears to be rare (my daughter has some D skills but probably won't compete them). Plus there are caps on the kinds of vaults allowed that make it...
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    Reality Check re Div II or III Prospects

    Thanks all for the insight. Extremely helpful! Thankfully I’d already warned her she’d need to score out of Level 7 and 8 if she wanted to come over as a L9. I didn’t want to discourage her per se, but I also wanted to make sure no one was filling her head with ideas that were frankly silly and...
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    Reality Check re Div II or III Prospects

    By way of background: My daughter has done some form of gymnastics since she was 4, but didn't move to a competitive gym until she was 10. She's currently 13 and about to start her 4th competitive season. We moved there specifically to do Xcel, and have never seriously considered JO. She's got a...
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    Haney under investigation

    Re the concerns about witch hunts, and fears of admonitions to "believe survivors": I was lucky enough to be at a conference this summer where Rachel Denhollander spoke, and where I got to interview Tarana Burke, the originator of the "Me Too" movement. Both specifically discussed the issue of...
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    What's the best thing gymnastics has given your child?

    It's an interesting question, because of the chicken/egg problem-- some of the resilience/tenacity may daughter innately has was probably enhanced, but her natural inclination to keep trying things even when knocked down is partly why I think she's been successful at gym. The things I know...
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    Haney under investigation

    This. And with respect to the whole line of argument that it's the parents' fault for putting or leaving a child in an abusive atmosphere: Even leaving aside the issue that the parents were often groomed emotionally the same as the children, you simply can't consent to allow someone else to...