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    Gifts for Coaches

    As a coach, specifically Team coaches what do you guys like to get for Christmas? Is there any thing “big” a gymnast has gotten for you? let me know!
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    Injury help?

    Hi! So last year I had a major injury and had to take a year off... then I came back and things were smooth sailing and then I made a small mistake and endured another major injury. But luckily this time I was only out for about 3 months. I start competing in 3 months but I lost all my strength...
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    Struggling to stay positive in practice

    Hi! So as some of you know, I’m working on coming back from almost a year off due to an injury. I have really been struggling to stay positive in practice though. I get frustrated thinking of the skills that I’m working to get back that I had them consistently but now I can barely do them...
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    Mental breakdown at practice

    Alright so, My practice started off well and I had the feeling it would be a great practice. We were doing basics on floor and it was going pretty well! Then we got to back extension rolls and back extension rolls to handstand. These are skills that I have had for years, but I just couldn’t...
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    Coming back from injury

    Does anyone have any tips for coming back from an injury? More specifically an ACL tear (reconstructed with surgery) and a grade II sprain of the MCL in the knee? I just got back after about 9 months off and have been back for about a month. I have really been struggling with confidence...
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    Hello! I’m an XCEL platinum gymnast! I am also a recreational coach at my gym! It’s nice to meet you all!:)