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    Tips on fixing/working around BHS issues

    Thanks--good to hear that this worked for your daughter, and glad to know my kid isn't the only one who has challenges with her BHS at this level!
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    Tips on fixing/working around BHS issues

    Thank you so much--FHS-RO-BLO just might be a good workaround for her; glad to know if fulfills the requirement!
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    Tips on fixing/working around BHS issues

    Hi, Folks, Looking for some tips/tricks (or workarounds) for my daughter. She is a thirteen-year-old level 7 (training some 8 skills but almost certainly staying in 7) who has lingering form issues in her BHS, both on floor and beam--her legs fling apart and her momentum gets sapped. She and...
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    New Parent.

    The time commitment tends to ramp up very quickly. Getting acquainted with teammates' parents is really valuable--great for support, camaraderie, logistical tips...and of course, carpooling!
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    Hello, Folks

    I'm a former gymnast, passionate gymnastics fan, and parent of a level 7 gymnast. Looking forward to participating.