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  1. CoachSteph

    Back walk over on high beam

    I have a girl who has a gorgeous back walk over on a line on the floor she takes it to our fat beam and its the same but when we go to a normal floor beam she freaks out. Even if there are panal mats. She used to have the skill on high beam by herself and now all of a sudden she seems to be...
  2. CoachSteph


    can anyone explain what this skill is and a tinscha please? thank you
  3. CoachSteph

    i need help with back walkovers on beam

    ok i can do a straight leg backwalkover on floor but when it comes to beam i cant seem to get my arms together i dont know why can someone help me i also need to get a standing back handspring but i always seem to crash on the floor i dont know how to do it without crashing i used to do them...