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  1. Mrs. Puma

    Puma Jr’s best vault ever!!

    Thank you! Yes, this is the best I’ve seen her run. It has been not only not fast enough but awkward? Forever!! So grateful to the coach she’s been doing privates with! (and all her coaches...it’s been a challenge for them I know...lol) I think something finally clicked!!
  2. Mrs. Puma

    Puma Jr’s best vault ever!!

    Thanks! Its certainly not perfect, but she’s come a looooong way. And I agree! I love hearing updates.
  3. Mrs. Puma

    Puma Jr’s best vault ever!!

  4. Mrs. Puma

    Puma Jr’s best vault ever!!

    . I can pm whomever wants the password :)
  5. Mrs. Puma

    Puma Jr’s best vault ever!!

    Ok, so I know a lot of you guys have kids who regularly score in the mid or even high 9s, but Puma Jr went into her 45th lifetime meet last weekend without ever scoring a 9 on vault. So when that 9.0 came up (after she did a 1/2 on, 1/2 off which I didn’t even know she could do?! :eek: :p), she...
  6. Mrs. Puma

    Excited about the season

    Vault has always been Puma Jr’s nemesis...she‘s been working really hard and doing privates with a new coach (not just on vault but he’s helped her awkward run, as well as many other things, A LOT) so we’re hoping this will be her best vault year! I think *I* will do a back flip if (when?!) she...
  7. Mrs. Puma

    What are you thankful for?

    I am so thankful for a million things, but the first thing that jumped into my mind gym-wise, was that we are on great terms with both of our former gyms. Puma Jr’s gym is absolutely the right fit for her and where we should be, but we had two gym moves for different reasons, and the...
  8. Mrs. Puma

    Excited about the season

    Puma Jr is gearing up for her 7th season competing. She’s doing USAIGC Silver (L6/7ish) and her first meet is next month. Good luck to all!
  9. Mrs. Puma

    Qualifying scores in New York for level 4

    Yup! And she doesn't HAVE to move to L5. Most gyms will want her to have all the L5 skills and they perhaps have their own skills and/or score requirements to move up. Good luck!
  10. Mrs. Puma

    Qualifying scores in New York for level 4

    Both. You need a 32 to go to NY States, but to score out of L4 and go to L5, you need a 34 in any state.
  11. Mrs. Puma

    Elite gymnast

    Just to add to these excellent explanations, from what I understand (and my kid will never be anywhere near elite FYI lol) Elite is a HUGE jump from L10. I believe there are usually less than 100 elites in the US at any given time. People wiser than I can expand on that if they like!
  12. Mrs. Puma

    Deductions on Roundoff Back handspring Back Tuck?

    What are your other passes? ROBHSBT should be fairly easy for most L8s? (Not that I could do it!) And it’s your first meet ever? You’d need to score out of L4/5/7 to do L8. Also, you user groups say you are a parent and a gym owner but you‘re 17?
  13. Mrs. Puma

    Tops National Test Score Calculation

  14. Mrs. Puma

    TOPS teams are out!

    Congrats to all! https://usagym.org/PDFs/Women/TOPs/History/2019_TOPS-National_Team.pdf
  15. Mrs. Puma

    Spam posts?

    Uggg it’s so frustrating. I just deleted another one. We try to be on top of it, but thanks to all who give us the heads up!
  16. Mrs. Puma

    Tops National Test Score Calculation

  17. Mrs. Puma

    Tops National Test Score Calculation

    Does anyone know what it was for 8 yr olds last year? I’m wondering if the girl from our gym who was there has a shot...
  18. Mrs. Puma

    Moving on from Artistic Gymnastics

    Good luck!!
  19. Mrs. Puma

    Deductions for Open Pike vs. Layout

    Let get back on topic, friends. And please be kind. It’s absolutely ok to disagree, but there’s enough negativity in the world. :)
  20. Mrs. Puma

    Platinum vault Yurchenko?

    I I believe it is? In the 9.4 box, the RO-FF on>repulsion. It wouldn't be to a flat back, but to standing on the floor. No flip. Like the one L6/7 vault, but not to mats. I know this is a legal vault in USAIGC Silver, and that’s the way I read it here? But I fully admit, I’m no Xcel expert...