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    transitioning to dance from gymnastics?

    DD (11) has been doing gymnastics most of her life and gave up dance at age 7 or so. Of course there is some dance in floor and beam, but it's not the same as a regular dance class. She just announced that she thinks this might be her last season of gym and that she is interested in...
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    getting the kip while already using grips?

    DD has had grips for many years -but still doesn't have her kip despite working on this skill for 4 years. I know it's uncommon to get grips before having the skill but unfortunately one of DD's previous coaches did not agree with this. DD has not given up the grips because she says her hands...
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    when a meet is listed on MMS will they post the scores?

    Wondering if MMS always posts the scores if they've listed the meet. One we were at has not made it's way onto the site yet -wondering if this is a glitch or intentional, and if we should expect it to update at some point, and if so, when?
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    xcel to JO level comparison?

    I've seen various charts that are all over the place -can someone clarify this? I know XB is most similar 2, XS ranges from about 3/4 and XG is approximately 5/6 -but as certain skills are not required in Xcel (for example the clear hip -the levels are watered down a bit compared to JO). What...
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    Minimum level at age 11 for college track?

    I'm curious what level a gymnast should be on by age 11 to be on track for a scholarship.
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    tough judging at in-house meet

    I thought the scores were harsh at DD's in-house meet and am hoping for better at the real meets. Curious if others have found judging to be harsher at in-house than at regular meets.
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    question about Woodward West

    Can anyone tell me if the non-gym time (after lunch) includes any organized activities or not? DD likes to keep busy and has been to another gymnastics camp that she felt had too much free time. What do the kids do after lunch at Woodward? TIA!
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    improved grades in school with gym change?

    I'm curious if anyone else has seen this. DD (10) was always the last in her JO group to pick up skills -every season was stressful (to me and I think to her) as a result of this. She never had her skills in time, never had skills polished in time, and there was always talk of possibly moving...
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    petitioning out of compulsories?

    I have heard that this is possible but I'm wondering how difficult it is. Long story short we moved to an x cel program after DD did JO 3 b/c it worked better for our family and now DD is talking about going back to JO to do optionals. I think this is mostly b/c she has progressed so much...
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    skipping dinner b/c of late practice

    My gymmie (9.5) gets home from gym around 8:30 3x per week. This is a new schedule for us. She eats a biggish snack before gym at 4:15ish -like a smoothie or yogurt. After gym she just hasn't been eating much at all -only a few bites of whatever I make her (which are her usual dinner...
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    How early can you drop off at your gym?

    As we all know it's a big commitment to be the parent of a competitive gymnast. B/c of various other commitments (such as my other child's activities) I sometimes need to drop DD off at gym about 15 minutes early to make things work. This was not allowed at our old gym. We are currently in...
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    when they should skip gym?

    DD has had a 4x per week gym schedule for nearly 2 years -including Sat afternoon practices and somehow we are only struggling with this now. She has had very good gym attendance and I've always let her choose gym or b'day party or whatever and she has always been very reasonable in her choice...
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    Drop in hours?

    We are considering a switch to x cel from JO which would mean a drop from 12 hours to 6 hours for DD. She does not want to drop in hours but, long story short we feel it's best to get her out of her current gym and x cel at another gym seems to be the best option for her and for our family. I...
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    Parental pressure?

    I know it's generally believed on this board that parents should NOT, under any circumstances, but extra pressure on their gymnast to gain skills/improve scores, etc. We parents should not even ask about these things -should not ask if a skill is coming along, etc. I followed this for the...
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    coach announcing to team that some might be kicked off?

    DD (9) is training level 4. Her gym has a very small team program and she is in a mixed level training group of which DD and one other girl are the only ones who competed level 3 last season -the rest are all higher levels. The gym has never had high standards for competition -does not win...
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    What is level 3P?

    Sometimes I see letters after level #s on mymeetscores. Can anyone tell me what this means?
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    forced a gym switch -are they happy?

    I have posted previously about my parental guilt about moving DD to a new gym. She does not want to leave her friends -so it's tough to force this on her but I KNOW it's the right decision. If you moved your gymmie against their will how did the adjustment go? Were they happy in the end? How...
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    gym move and leaving friends

    I am feeling horribly guilty about our impending gym move. I know I have posted on here about some of the coaching issues that we have been dealing with for a long time now. I know that we can't continue at our current gym and we plan to make a switch very soon. Others are feeling the issues...
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    send dinner to school?

    Currently DD finishes gym at 8pm. When I drive her home I pack her a dinner that she eats in the car so that when she gets home she can shower and do homework and get to bed. Lately we have started carpooling home more and I am considering sending DD with a packed dinner so that she can eat...
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    toughest states/areas for scoring in compulsories?

    I feel as though the area I live in is super tough for scoring in compulsories. And I've heard this is the case -but of course I don't have any evidence. Does anyone know what some of the toughest areas are for compulsories?