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  1. mignonone

    level 8 floor questions

    Hi, quick question about level 8 floor. ODD is doing 2 passes- 1st pass is RO whip to back tuck or full if it is consistent. 2nd pass is FT FT (hopefully will get it to FT FP, but not there yet) What would the UTL deductions for that-she has all required dance leaps, turns, ect. YDD is doing...
  2. mignonone

    Taking other kids to a meet

    We will be taking a teammate/friend soon for a travel meet out of state. Her sibling is going through major medical stuff right now, so mom is unsure where they will be at time of competition. She has traveled with us before, but this will be the first time by plane. Mom is paying for ticket...
  3. mignonone

    Hair color deductions?

    Paramedics, nurses, doctors, ect. can check capillary refill in other ways if there is nail polish. Sometimes pulse oximeters will have a hard time picking up readings if someone has nail polish.
  4. mignonone

    Links to well performed floor routines?

    This was from last season- YDD was 9 years old and a level 7. She scored pretty well. [
  5. mignonone

    USOC moves to revoke USAG...

    I wonder how much they have been altered? They would have to have been tampered with.....
  6. mignonone

    Tuition cost??

    According to your signature, you are also training level 8? ( both of my girls are as well) I just noticed that you do 12 hours a week like we do which is apparently almost unheard of. I pay $378 in tuition for my two girls a month with a sibling discount. I'm glad to see we are not the only...
  7. mignonone

    Level 8 beam deductions

    Thank you! :) ODD has some fear issues with getting her series. We are taking (the deduction) and baby steps.
  8. mignonone

    Level 8 beam deductions

    Can you check mine? I have 2 level 8 dds. YDD doing BHS BHS series and bwo or back tuck (only if she can get it consistently) RO BT dismount. ODD doing BWO BHS series and BHS plus RO BT dismount.
  9. mignonone

    Junior Olympic New Interim CEO/President of USAG

    I just got an email from USAG with this information. "Dear USAG Community": The Board of Directors of USA Gymnastics is pleased to announce the appointment of The Honorable Mary Bono (Mary Bono) as Interim President and CEO of USA Gymnastics effective immediately. Ms. Bono will serve as...
  10. mignonone

    International Elite Simone did it again

    She continues to amaze me (AND THE WHOLE WORLD!!!) I believe the best is yet to come!
  11. mignonone

    Great breakdown of qualification for 2020

    Not sure if this has been posted, but this is super helpful to figure out exactly how qualifications will happen for Tokyo 2020 https://www.insidegymnastics.com/news-features/halfway-to-tokyo-breaking-down-the-42-format/
  12. mignonone

    Why don’t parents protest?

    At our gym, the optionals leo cost parents $170-we use them for 2 years, but are thinking about keeping it longer. We reuse warm ups for years, so many times, parents can by a used jacket that is 1/2 cost. If not, a new one is $85. Black capris on the bottom, of the gymnast's choice-most...
  13. mignonone

    Upgrades for Junior Elite

    She's amazing!!!
  14. mignonone

    How to prepare 5 year old for first meet

    Youngest DD was the only 5 yr old in our state the first year she competed (level 2.) She surprised everyone, including the coaches when she did as well as she did and ended up winning 1st AA at state. She understood the awards and placement to a degree as her sister had started competing the...
  15. mignonone


    My oldest DD has struggle with the DBHSOB since last year when it was a requirement. She has a beautiful bhs on beam when she does it, but then head trips about it. As it is, she will be competing a bwo bhs and taking the "not up to level" deduction.
  16. mignonone

    Is anyone attending Region 3 HP S&S camp next month?

    Just wondering if anyone else will be there? My two girls and a few teammates will be there representing our small gym... Maybe we will see you?
  17. mignonone

    Junior Olympic JO Code changes 2018-2022

    Level 8 bars- Is a layout flyaway still an acceptable dismount, or does it need to be a double back or similar for full 10.0 start value?
  18. mignonone

    International Elite Mary Lee Tracy Named New Elite Development Coordinator

    UGH. USA Gymnastics just can't get it right. They are making terrible decisions and not thinking at all about the victims. :(
  19. mignonone

    How many optionals are on your team?

    Pretty small gym 22 total 9 level 6s 4 level 7s 9 level 8s
  20. mignonone

    Junior Olympic JO Code changes 2018-2022

    So, if my girls do bhs bhs as their series what else so the need acro wise (in plain English please) to get full credit (no “up to level” deductions). Thanks!