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    Arizona Gyms

    Thank you, I was able to PM! I forgot about club gyms, so thanks for that reminder. Up until last year all she ever talked about was pursuing a gym scholarship. Now she is telling me she's not sure if she actually wants to do 4 years of NCAA. She's sick of dealing with injuries and also afraid...
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    Arizona Gyms

    Thank you! Can you please PM me? I can't figure out how to send a PM!
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    Arizona Gyms

    Hi Everyone, I am new here with a question. We are anticipating a move to Arizona this summer (most likely Phoenix area, but also looking at Prescott). By that time, my daughter would be going into her junior year and would be entering her 3rd year as a L10. She's thinking about quitting rather...
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    I'm the proud mom of a L10 gymnast. Glad to be here!