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    Duoderm for rips...or facial acne spots?

    DuoDERM is the brand name, so they are the same thing. I will say though, that the DuoDERM brand tends to be much thinner than the generic hydrocolloid bandages I've been able to find.
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    For years, I have tried to write in a journal. I tried traditional, bullet (which I actually liked better and still use occasionally), etc, but never stick to it. They usually turn into to-do lists. So I bought a "prompt" guided journal hoping that it would inspire me to write more and given...
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    I need some help for a gymnastics costume

    well, if he's super brave, he can wear a women's leotard! Otherwise, the men seem to wear tanks and shorts or pants. He could add some wristbands and fake grips. And a few medals perhaps!
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    Gym Name Help!

    I like [name of city] Tumblers! Also, if your town has a commonly used nickname, you could stick that in front of "gymnatics" (using NYC as an example, like "Big Apple Gymnastics" "Big Apple Tumblers" or "Manhattan Tumblers") I wouldn't use your kiddo's name for many reasons. My aunt did that...
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    Practices great, doesn't compete well

    I think that you just keep doing what you're doing. Keep being positive, loving and encouraging. Keep letting her know that you are proud of her work and her progress. It will click for her!
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    Help for level 8 front tuck -front pike/layout connection

    My kid also said that the FP before the FT is easier because she thinks it takes less power for the FT, so she can land it. She's a L7 but likely competing this front pass.
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    My daughter is scoring low for the second year in level 4

    My older DD experienced level 4 like a roller coaster. One meet she did awesome and the next would get a full 2 points AA lower. The variation always came on floor and beam where the text errors can quickly add up. (NB I'm not a judge! I'm just a mom who listened to what the coaches told my...
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    My daughter is scoring low for the second year in level 4

    Are they doing a lot of uptraining of skills? Maybe the gym views compulsory levels as something to build to bigger skills without stressing the details? I noticed a lot of gyms keep kids moving because they don't really pay attention to the "text errors" that can crush you in compulsory gym...
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    DD lost her BHS right before first meet

    That would probably depend on your gym and her coaches. I suspect that our gym would have the child scratch floor for now until she got it back. Just compete the other three events. I have seen other gyms have a coach on the floor to spot the child during a meet, so they at least get a score...
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    Level 4 groupings

    Yep, as per all the replies above, it will vary. My older DD was also 7 on Level 4 and at some of the bigger meets, kids were only up to one year older than her, but some of the smaller meets, she was in an age group with 10 year olds. We could never ever tell. I'll tell you that the meets where...
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    Not gym related - ideas for gifts by age

    These are great ideas! Thanks everyone!
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    Not gym related - ideas for gifts by age

    Okay, so I'm procrastinating at work and trying to think of a million gift ideas for the millions of kids in my life and coming up short! Mostly girls. Reaching out to this cool crew for ideas! I figure that it might be of help to everyone! So I'll write out the categories below and if you...
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    Pausing to fix grips after each kip

    I asked my daughter last night. She said that while she was using Velcro grips, in addition to the above, her coach also taught her how to tape them around the Velcro so it wouldn't loosen.
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    Pausing to fix grips after each kip

    My daughter used to do this and it drove me batty! Turns out because her hands were so small, even the 00 size was too big for her and kept sliding off of her fingers and the Velcro would loosen. She switched to buckle grips, drybands which fold over top of the grip and most importantly (per her...
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    How to talk to gymnast about recent death

    I have not yet...I am assuming she'll ask me about it when she learns about it. I'm pretty sure that I would just encourage her to quit if I bring it up.
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    I feel so sick over this. Is anyone else sitting here today saying to themselves that this just isn't worth it?
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    Humeral (shoulder) head growth plate fracture

    My daughter just recovered from this and started back at practice this week. She's 9 and it was an acute injury that caused some distraction of the growth plate. She took 4 weeks off from any swinging or weight bearing on the arms and then when she was totally pain free was released to go back...
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    Oh I'm definitely not rushing her! This is actually what I do for a living! If anything I'm annoyingly conservative with my own kid, so I defer to one of my partners to make the decisions so I don't just make her quit to spare my mental state! She definitely had a good several months of mental...
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    Wow - what a great recovery. Thank you for sharing!
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    Thank you for sharing both stories! I'm hoping my kid follows the path of fracture #1!