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  1. beachgirl

    UPDATE, What does it take to make a GREAT Gymnast

    Saw it in person and it was awesome!
  2. beachgirl

    Excited about the season

    I'm excited for the travel and to visit new places and to attend the Olympic Trials, but is it wrong I'm also excited for the season to be over? I'm not a fan of all the stress that the season brings to my house.
  3. beachgirl

    Habits, Rituals and Superstitions

    My 2nd year L9 has been eating mac n cheese the night before a meet from the same bbq restaurant since she started competing. For meets with travel, but no flight, we bring it in a cooler. I have 2 rituals myself. I haven't watched beam, except on video, since L3. I cover my eyes with whatever...
  4. beachgirl

    Child in DDs age group passed her out skill & performance wise, coach playing favorites

    I too have been wondering if this is a troll.
  5. beachgirl

    Child in DDs age group passed her out skill & performance wise, coach playing favorites

    Please don't mention Jess again. Period. I have more to say on that, but the first sentence sums it up.
  6. beachgirl

    Child in DDs age group passed her out skill & performance wise, coach playing favorites

    When my daughter first started in gymnastics almost 10 years ago I used to be worried that other girls were going to pass her by or were going to be better or that she wasn't going to get enough attention. I have watched the girl that was already ahead of her have a block going backwards at L7...
  7. beachgirl


    My daughter lost her flexibility and amplitude on leaps and jumps with puberty. At under 100lbs she is in no way overweight, but the extra 20 lbs that came with puberty seem to be weighing her down. I keep hoping it will return, but it's been almost 2 years and my once beautiful floor and beam...
  8. beachgirl

    Not gym related - ideas for gifts by age

    All of the girls at my daughter's gym really liked fuzzy blankets at the gift exchange last year. Homegooods had cute ones with things on them that appealed to many age groups. The Birchbox or Ipsy for ages 13 and up.
  9. beachgirl

    Level 6 acro series - Deductions

    What is their 2nd acro passage?
  10. beachgirl

    Need happy stories - Bar changes

    L9 bars is just a killer. Mine scored in the 9.4-9.5 range in L8. As a first year L9, bars had a sv of 9.2 because she had no LA turn. She scored between 7.2 - 7.9. This year as 2nd year L9 isn't looking much better. She starting at a 9.3 and still no LA turn. She was working the toe shoot at...
  11. beachgirl

    Competition leo

    The FIG rules are different than USAG. If she competes Hopes the back has to be covered as well.
  12. beachgirl

    Humeral (shoulder) head growth plate fracture

    My daughter's BFF had this last year in the summer. She wasn't supposed to lift her arms up over her head. By the January she was able to compete vault, but no bars until the end of the season. Now the other shoulder is starting to show signs that she may have the same problem.
  13. beachgirl

    Xcel Platinum Beam requirement

    Can she do a round off with her BT dismount?
  14. beachgirl

    Floor Routines

    I just paid $775 for my daughter's choreography and to have the music cut. The choreographer lives about 60 miles away. Many people all over the country use her and I assume they pay even more because of the travel expenses factored in. FYI, I wouldn't mind if the gym reused the music and/or...
  15. beachgirl

    How many weeks before competing should you have your routines complete?

    My daughter got hers for L6 one month before. Always scored around 9.5-9.6, even at first meet. If she has the skills, the rest is easy. This year as a 2nd year L9, she still doesn't have any routines.
  16. beachgirl

    Idiots guide to NCAA recruiting?

    9th grade, 1st year of high school =freshman 10th grade, 2nd year of high school = sophomore 11th grade, 3rd year of high school = junior 12th grade, last year of high school =senior
  17. beachgirl

    Deductions for Open Pike vs. Layout

    There's no deduction if the vault number isn't the vault that is performed. To the OP, my daughter competed a pike the first few meets of L9 and scored in the 9-9.2 range. She consistently scored 9.5-9.6 with the same vault in L8. By the last few meets of L9 she did a layout, but it still had a...
  18. beachgirl

    Haney under investigation

    Just want to add that it is always very nice of Coach P to come on here and give a coach's POV. It is nice to see all sides.
  19. beachgirl

    Levels that start with T?

    At regionals they have a state team for levels, 6, 7,8 and they have a special session for the 12 gymnasts at each level that qualify from each state.