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    My daughter is a 1st year level 9 and will be a very low level 9, really an 8 1/2, lol. She has always been very successful but is struggling lately, especially with bars. She got her period about 9 months ago and probably gained about 20-25 pounds in the past year and grew a little taller. I...
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    Skill value question

    Anyone know the skill value (letter) of a Tuck three quarter jump on beam?
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    Level 9 routines bars and beam

    My dd is training level 9. Wondering if what’s she’s working towards will give her high enough starting values. She’s not 100 percent certain what her routines will be but this is what she’s working on. Bars- kip on low bar, squat on jump to high bar, Kip cast handstand, pirouette, overshoot...
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    College Question

    So many questions! Why is raising kids so difficult?!?! One question is, are there girls who just make level 10 in 12th grade that have been recruited to do gymnastics in college? My daughter is a late starter. She’s going into 9th grade next year. She competed her first year of level 8...
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    Different areas and scoring

    The thread about level 4 mobility scores got me thinking, are there really big differences scoring wise between different states/areas? If so, which states/areas tend to score high and which tend to give out lower scores? I can think of two states that our girls like going to because they seem...
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    Atlantis Crown Invitational

    Hi! We are going to the Bahamas next month for the Atlantis Crown Invitational. If anyone has ever been, do you have any suggestions for things we must do/see while we’re there? Also, did you attend the welcoming ceremonies? Our coach says this is optional. I’m wondering if we should plan...