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    Frequency of Drills

    The answer is really “it depends”. Sometimes the drills only need to be done once, sometimes it’s just to introduce a concept or tweak a technique and once is enough. Other times the drills need to be practiced for years. It depends on the skill, the drills, the gymnast, the purpose of the...
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    International Elite She did it....shameless mom brag

    Yay! Congratulations that is awesome!
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    Veterans: post tips for new coaches

    Agree, I use trampolines a lot. My kids are expected to be doing salto skills several levels above what they are doing on floor.
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    Worst Meet Ever

    Having a few bad meets early on the in gym career is quite healthy. It’s hard for those kids who start out well, win, win, win and never have a bad meet and then as they get older and it gets harder they experience it then. Getting practice in dealing with those meets where it doesn’t go as...
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    Gym Name Help!

    I would make sure the name doesn’t make you sound too recreational or too focused on young kids. It is early days and you don’t know what you want to do with this gym and where you want to take it. As you said, you hope to move onto competitive classes, you may eventually want to become a very...
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    HELP!!! Coaching boys?

    If you are talking floor, bars and vault almost all the drills/skills you do fir the girls will also work for the boys. Especially at the lower levels. The challenge for WAG coaches doing MAG is pommel, Rings and p bars.
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    Practices great, doesn't compete well

    Performing well is an art form, and it can be worked on just like any art form and improved. Many kids are the opposite, they are mediocre in practice then shine at comps. Knowingly or not they have mastered the art of ‘using’ the audience or ‘using’ the pressure to improve their performance...
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    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    That is a very interesting cultural difference. 3 year olds wear crop tops here, no one bats an eyelid.
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    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    They appeared in the catalogues once US clubs started asking for them. I believe the really controversial club in question was the first one to start using SylviaP, and that set the tone.
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    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    I have never seen a deduction for this, I thought this was just a joke in stick it, like it was a deduction in your code but nobody ever took the deduction. I just had a look at our code of points to clarify. No where is any sort of deduction mentioned for underwear showing. The backs of...
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    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    JessSyd makes a good point too, Aussie gymnasts after about the age of 8 or so don’t tend to wear leotards to training. They love their crop tops and bike pants (I think referred to as sports bras and booty shorts at least in the dance world in the US). If you have a class of pre teens or...
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    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    Yes, SylviaP has alway been our local Leotard lady, she has always done all our uniforms etc. I would definitely say the high cut leg line is more uncomfortable for most of us down here than the open backs. Perhaps it is a cultural thing, the typical Aussie thing is shirtless guys, singlets...
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    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    Not just a US thing, Australian’s would be very uncomfortable with young girls wearing a leotard that is so high cut it goes up her bottom and gives her an unsightly wedgie as well. Sure swimwear is getting skimpier and skimpier but these girls are flipping, splitting, straddling at great...
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    Round off

    Yes, as others have said your hurdle is to high. You want to aim for the hurdle to your round off to be low and long, picture in your mind hurdling forwards not upwards. You need to have a deep lunge in your front leg. Ideally you start in a straight position, and the deep lunge allows you to...
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    Pain after injury healed

    As curlygirl mentioned, it is very possible that the pain is related to the under use of the area. Certain muscles and ligaments will have been completely active for the entirely of her recovery. Working with a physiotherapist may be the solution, they will have seen that type of thing many...
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    Arm problems in back walkovers

    Arms collapsing in a back walkover is rarely caused by a lack of arm strength. If she can hold a good handstand for a few seconds then that is all the arm strength she needs for a back walkover. It can look like the problem, because that is where she falls, up the collapsing arms is usually a...
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    Pros of Being Tall

    Long fingers make gripping the bars easier, also many low to high bar changes are easier when you are tall. But remember you are usually a gymnast for a short portion of you life, most are done by adulthood but you must be an adult for a long time. I am an adult in my late 30’s and still have...
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    Thoughts on changing gyms?

    Your daughter is talented, if she is doing pullovers, back hip circles etc at 4, she is good. When you have a talented 4 year old, the top priority is keeping them safe, there are certain skills they should not be doing at 4 due to their physical development. The second priority is enjoyment...
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    Medal presentation

    Random question. I was watching a random YouTube video which featured a few medal presentations at various US gymnastics competitions and noticed something odd. When the medals were presented the judges did not hang the medals around the gymnasts necks, instead at every comp the judge simply...
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    Cornern person

    Ask a doctor, we are not doctors and can’t give medical advice on chalk bucket.