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    More fit questions- Stirrup pants

    There is a big jump for AM to AL. I would get AL because the season is long and even if he doesn't use them the first couple of meets he may need them midseason.
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    Apollo Gymnastics, VA

    Yes my Son is a gymnast at Apollo. What would you like to know? What level is your son?
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    Relocating to Northern Va/Recommendations for boys programs please

    We are at Apollo which is in Woodbridge. There are a number of gyms in Northern VA and commute will be a factor. I would do some workout sessions at a few gyms and check out Coaching styles. In my experiance, the local gyms you mentioned all have a different feel and vibe. It is about matching...
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    Crazy Gym Owners

    Hi All, Just curious if it is our gym or if this is just normal. The parents routinely get emails from the gym owner that are kind of over the top. I just don't know any other company who would send these types of emails to their clients. Can you imagine a doctor's office sending this to their...