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    Repeating a level for a third time

    Hi. My dd age 14 did Level 8 for two seasons. Strong gymnast, made it to regionals and placed. This summer she was moved to Level 9. A few weeks ago she developed a few blocks and lost some L9 skills. First meet is in 6 weeks. Coach wants to put her back to Level 8 and move her to a...
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    Does your gymnast do any kind of additional training outside of the gym?

    Just curious to learn if anybody has additional training for their gymnast outside of the gym. By additional training I do not mean privates with any of their coaches in the gym, but rather training that takes place outside of the gym such as additional private gymnastics training, conditioning...
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    Excessive injuries in gym - comes with the territory or issues with training?

    Lately there seems to be a significant amount of injuries in our gym due to overuse/overtraining. This is mostly levels 8 and up. Do you think it is just par for the course or could there be some incorrect training in either/or technique and conditioning? We are a very large, competitive...
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    School exemptions such as PE or language, etc.

    Hi. My daughter is a level 8 7th grader. I was wondering if any of you are able to obtain any kind of exemption in school for PE or electives or language or art or music in order to give them additional study hall hours. We are finding that daughter's training schedule, which is 22 hours a...
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    Recommendation on home beam

    Does anybody have a recommendation for a beam for home practice use (any particular supplier/brand)?
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    Is this a conflict of interest?

    There is a "crazy gym mom" who drives her daughter hard. She wants her to be on top, and wants lots of attention for her. She brown noses the HC. Personally, I have never had a problem with her, but she is not very friendly. Recently, she became a conditioning coach at the gym and is...
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    What do you think makes a gymnast suddenly soar?

    So, I have seen this scenario a number of times and curious about the opinions on this board. There is a gymnast who was good but not outstanding up until level 8. She mostly scored in the 35/36 range and then bam! Right around states she was on fire. She was high 37s, did great at regionals...
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    How much sleep does your gymnast get in a weeknight?

    Just wondering if my dd is the only one this short on sleep. Gymnastics is her only after school activity, but the school workload is huge so she does work at recess and sometimes during lunch them goes right to the books when she gets home, has dinner, and then hits the gym every day from 5:30...
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    Opinion on driving morning of meet or hotel night befor

    DD has a level 8 meet about 3.5 hours away on a Friday. Report time 11:30am. Can't decide whether to go morning of, which will allow her to sleep in her own bed (she hates hotel beds night before a meet) and get a practice in the night before, but she will have to get up very early and then...
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    Accurate answers on competing in college gymnastics

    I have read so many conflicting versions of information regarding college gym from many different sources and I am utterly confused. Whether it is from this board, articles elsewhere, coaches, etc. My guess is that there is no one answer, but here is my question. At what point is it no longer...