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  1. LiveLaughTumble047

    Press Handstand Mounts

    I miss the press handstand mounts, they seem to be very few and far between these days, if I do say so almost not existent, Anyone else feeling the same?
  2. LiveLaughTumble047

    Selection Camp

    Does anybody else wonder how this exactly came to be such the way to choose gymnasts to compete? Personally I feel that sometimes how a gymnast performs in competition is an important part in proving themselves ready for the international competitive scence ie. the olympics and worlds...
  3. LiveLaughTumble047


    What are everyones predictions for who will take each event and all around for Junior and Senior Women?
  4. LiveLaughTumble047

    Olympic Videos

    Has anyone been able to find any Olympic videos of the girls routines?? Also I thought that Nastia's little routine at the gala was so pretty and such a cute idea with the song being from the movie about Anastasia and that being in russia. ANYWAY. I want to see videos of routines but can't seem...
  5. LiveLaughTumble047

    So about the women's team finals?

    So what were everyones thoughts about womens team finals??? dissapointed? bitter about the possible age issue?? how about alicia?? the teams reaction to her after floor?? nastia's bars?? shawn stepping out on floor?? how bout nastia's element on beam, is it the liukin?? anything else u wanna...
  6. LiveLaughTumble047

    new on here =]

    Well i'm new here. joined earlier this week. i found this by googling gymn quotes and i really like what i've gotten a chance to explore here!!