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    Is anyone driven insane by their DD's standing posture? My daughter has insane core strength and really strong shoulders/upper body. but she looks hunched to me. I have had her checked for scolioisis. I think it is just the way that she stands. Anyone else bugged by this? Does the...
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    Parents with unhealthy obsession with their gymnast

    I see this here, and I see it is real life: parents who are incapable of supporting the successes of others. It's a laser like focus on their own child. Everyone else is the competition. And yet these people expect praise and adoration of their child. They think that we should also think their...
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    Losing skills due to growth

    My daughter is growing like a weed -- close to 5'7" already and has lost all her floor passes (level 9). Has anyone else experienced this? How do you get your skills back? Can a change in height really throw everything off?
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    Atlanta Gyms

    Can anyone recommend a WAG program that is Atlanta city or very nearby rather than out in the far suburbs. A friend is moving to Druid Hills (Atlanta) and apparently there are a lot of gyms but many are 20-30 miles away in surrounding towns.
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    Coach leaving and taking gymnasts with him

    What are the ethics, non- compete clauses, etc. associated with a coach leaving one gym and going to another. Is it just poor form or actually way worse to recruit gymnasts from the gym to take with him. We had already left gym A for gym B, and the coach is leaving gym A for coach C. He...