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    This year as im not competing club anymore, im struggling to be able to gym anymore as my body slow can't take much more and im doing a competition for school. I really don't want to let my team mate down, and im getting extremely nervous already because im not getting skills, im also scared of...
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    Stupid things

    whats some of the most stupidest things you have herd or said?
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    Score that leo

    im going to start a game. it simple: just judge a leotard by your own personal criteria. once you judge a leotard add a new leotard for judging. i'll start
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    Hello im Emma. i love gymnastics. i recently retired from competitive gymnastics = [ i did level 1, 2, 3 and 4. i have a few medals and many ribbons and certificates. i recently competed at secondary schools nationals and i came 1st = ] i still muck around doing tumbling and i coach little...