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  1. John

    Level 9 bar requirements

    Can some one in the know help me with a level 9 bars question? My daughter and her bestie were just told that they need two release moves in level 9, one from high to low and one from low to high. They assumed a squat on job to high bar was all they needed instead of a low to high release type...
  2. John


    Thanksgiving today in the US, maybe we can all be thankful for everything Chalkbucket? I am, thanks all.
  3. John

    Interesting Read

    https://deadspin.com/if-usa-gymnastics-dies-what-takes-its-place-1830478585?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=deadspin_copy&utm_campaign=bottom Nothing new or super but some nice reference articles if one wishes to learn more about NGB of gymnastics.
  4. John

    Parent Video Brag Thread.

    After much thought and as a spinoff to What constitutes a braggy parent thread I decided to start a thread allowing us proud parents to post videos and watch videos of all these super hard-working athletes. I have already posted this video in the social forums so it is easier to post it here and...
  5. John

    Hand size

    Dani sent her most best favorite grips to grip heaven, she apparently doesn't like breaking in new ones. At gym all the "new" 5s just got their first pair of dowel grips. All this got me thinking and wondering about hand size. Is their an opinion on hand size and how size equates to performance...
  6. John


    As DD's season is winding down I have noticed that DD's level 7 team is working more upgrades more regularly. As we are still relatively new to the USAG I was wondering how the upgrade process worked form gym to gym. It seems that DD is working some upgrades that surprised me.
  7. John

    Spring Floor Versus Foam Floor

    This weekend DD gym hosted there yearly meet. Things went smoothly and I actually had fun volunteering all weekend long. During setup and tear down the coaches were available and much bonding took place. I learned our gym does not have a spring floor but instead a foam floor. The HC/Owner...
  8. John

    Judge a routine

    DD was happy to have corrections from the board on her first meet. She used them to improve on 3 of the four events. She was hoping a judge was willing to give her a few tips on her second meet. Anyone have some free time?
  9. John

    What does it take to make a GREAT gymnast?

    Cecile and Laurent to WCC. This thread got me thinking, for a few days now. Here are some of my ramblings. I have a hard time distinguishing what it takes to make a great gymnast. Obviously, it takes an extraordinary individual with physical and mental capabilities most people do not...
  10. John

    Making money at a meet

    The coaches not attending awards thread got me interested in how much a gym can make hosting a meet. I have been told that the meet DD gym hosts can make enough money that 3 or 4 months of Team Fees are waived. I researched on USAG Region 7 website and the MD USAG web site. I learned a few...
  11. John

    Beam dismount

    Is a roundoff full allowed in level 7? Short and sweet.
  12. John

    USAG magazine cover

    In another thread, there were comments on the front cover of the most current USAG magazine and the proposed new photograph policy. It bothered me so I emailed USAG's Toby Stark. This is what I said: Page 9 of the current USAG magazine say this: Examples of photos that should be edited or...
  13. John


    I would like to hear what others think about compulsories. I ask because where DD came from, IGC, compulsories do not exist. What is the purpose of compulsories? Is it to build the base of a gymnast? Does competing compulsories successfully really make a good optional gymnast? Does the score...
  14. John

    Level 7

    My DD wants to know if full are allowed in level 7?
  15. John

    Moving from USAIGC to USAG

    My daughter is ten. She has done gymnastics in USAIGC for five years. She has some very big tricks but is missing the finishing she needs. She has found a new gym and has hit it off with her soon to be new coach. My question is does anyone have any experience with the testing out process...