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  1. NastiaLiukinFan

    Canadian worlds team anounced!

    Thanks so much for telling us! Talia used to train at my gym!
  2. NastiaLiukinFan

    Nastia 2012

    I agree with the rest of you guys. As much as I would LOVE for Nastia to make a comeback (See Username), I really don't think she will. :(
  3. NastiaLiukinFan

    Score the Leo (repost)

    7/10 It's okay, but a little plain. I like it though. :) I have this one, and I really like it. Sorry I couldn't get the picture bigger.
  4. NastiaLiukinFan

    Brief gymnix comments

    I was just reading this and thought, "What!?!?! I'm going to watch the international girls on the flight after mine (Friday)!! I can't believe I missed it!" buutt then i realized this was from 2009. :P
  5. NastiaLiukinFan

    Gymnastics Blog! (Not sure if this belongs here, but...)

    Hey everybody!! Well, I'll keep this short but i just wanted to say that I've created a gymnastics blog type thing. It's just a website with updates on the latest gymnastics news and fun stuff like that. Now I know that there's already an amazing gymnastics site called Chalk Bucket, but I'll...
  6. NastiaLiukinFan

    Let's create a gymnastics story...

    she decided that by just sitting there she wasn't going to get any better. So she got back up on the beam and...
  7. NastiaLiukinFan


    Well, yesterday my coach was telling us a story about her developmental group (6 year olds, just starting gymnastics but have potential) and how they were first trying glide swings. After they all succesfully completed a couple of glide swings, the shyest and most quiet girl of the group jumps...
  8. NastiaLiukinFan

    Geigner? Giener? Gainar?

    Oooh, the foam pit sounds good! Thanks! :)
  9. NastiaLiukinFan

    Geigner? Giener? Gainar?

    Thanks to both of you, will try the tips! :)
  10. NastiaLiukinFan

    Geigner? Giener? Gainar?

    Hey guys! I'm not sure how to really spell it but I'm doing a geigner on beam! Not the one on bars when you twist in the air sort of. It's when you step with one foot and swing the other one up into a back tuck to land beside the beam. I'm not exactly sure how to spell the name hence the title...
  11. NastiaLiukinFan

    Interesting Beam Mounts

    That is seriously crazy... I can't believe the ones when they go under the beam and they can actually get back up! Awesome though! :D
  12. NastiaLiukinFan

    Really Really Really Happy!!!

    Okay well I did my back tuck today... And it was technically without spot because I was too high over my coach's head to reach! :):):)
  13. NastiaLiukinFan

    The floor music reccomendation thread

    http://floorexpressmusic.com/full-length-demos/CD2205-Buster%20Voodoo-Demo.mp3 Is Buster Voodoo and the music I am going to have this upcoming year. It's from FloorExpress and I love it!!!
  14. NastiaLiukinFan

    Handstand BHS Series! (Brag) :D

    Congrats! Sounds like a fun skill! Good luck on high beam! :)
  15. NastiaLiukinFan

    Really Really Really Happy!!!

    Thanks everybody! :D
  16. NastiaLiukinFan

    Really Really Really Happy!!!

    I am really super duper happy because my tumbling has improved amazingly since last year and since I've joined provincials, and my coach is very impressed and says I might get to start working back tucks soon!!! And that is a skill I've wanted to learn but haven't been good enough to for a...
  17. NastiaLiukinFan


    What our coach tells us to do when we are having trouble with hallow holds is to put your thumbs on ribs, and middle fingers on hips then try to make them go closer. I know it sounds confusing, but it works.
  18. NastiaLiukinFan

    Shawn Johnson olympic champion: story behind the smile???

    I got it for my birthday, opened it up and found it signed! One of the 1000 signed copies with a certificate of authenticity. It's very good, I recommend it very much!:D
  19. NastiaLiukinFan

    Meet report!

    It's great that they had fun, you must be very proud. What level is your older DD in? I think I might be the same level, 4, but it's like 6 in America.