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  1. John

    Friend Drama, Gymnastics related

    I just want to say the obvious. Kindergarten friends don't always stay friends forever. Some humans just can't be respectful or nice. Life seems way more competitive in 2020 then it did in the 70s, I am that old. Leave competition and conversation about any competition for the events. Friends...
  2. John

    To move or not to move?

    If your daughter wishes to pursue her gymnastics dreams switching may be the only way to allow her to try. Should the harder conditioning and higher expectations of a new gym chase her love for the sport isn't that better to happen when she is still young and can change gears and pursue...
  3. John

    Metroplex gymnastics

    Devil's advocate. If you allow her to attend Metroplex she has a friend, a motivating factor. If she attends Metroplex possibly two different scenarios could play out. 1. She loves the gym again and Metroplex that has the potential to take her to her best gymnastics self. 2. She decides gym...
  4. John

    Level 9 bar requirements

    We can agree to disagree. You are nothing more than another example of the old guard in gymnastics. One day possibly we can cross paths and have a beer.
  5. John

    Level 9 bar requirements

    Thanks for the "unkind" words. I am sure "you" would not compete it. She has always been behind on bars. She is proud of herself and I am extremely proud of her.
  6. John

    Level 9 bar requirements

    Nothing the compete what they have. I just wanted to know if the jump to high bar was enough. Some will compete level 8 routine with upgraded dismount while they finish working out the level 9 routine.
  7. John

    Level 9 bar requirements

    No, out of the blue he told them last night jump to high bar was not going to count they needed to add a toe shoot.
  8. John

    Level 9 bar requirements

    Mine is mount highbar, cast handstand, clear hip to pak, cast pirouette cast squat on jump to high bar giant giant double back dismount. I posted a video someone on here.
  9. John

    Level 9 bar requirements

    Can some one in the know help me with a level 9 bars question? My daughter and her bestie were just told that they need two release moves in level 9, one from high to low and one from low to high. They assumed a squat on job to high bar was all they needed instead of a low to high release type...
  10. John


    Thanks everyone but it is not about me, that was long ago, 22 years, and I am healed. I just wanted to post and let everyone know about loss from personal experience. Thanks again.
  11. John


    As a parent, I find it my duty to learn about what my children have chosen as their activities. The activity was knitting once when she was little, so yes I can knit. Gymnastics is now her activity and I have educated myself and continue to do so. I go to the gym regularly and watch practice...
  12. John

    Grips Sizing Question

    In the past when DD needed new grips it seems we are always one size larger. I noticed if you take the old grip and placed them on the new grips, one size larger, both the old grips are the same size. As others say grips stretch.
  13. John

    Doing Privates for a girl from another gym

    I am ok with it and actually think it is a good thing. A new voice or a new correction can be just what it takes to open a gymnast's eyes to something that has been missed from her normal familiar coaching staff. DD's has a coach, bars and choreography, who does all her gyms beam and floor...
  14. John

    Grips Sizing Question

    I would ask what level she is and how intensely she swings bars. When my DD got dowel grips her first pair lasted a very long time. Once she hit level 7 her grips are lucky to last a year. I always follow the manufacture's suggested sizing, and I am always amazed by how much the old pair of...
  15. John

    Need happy stories - Bar changes

    I couldn't agree with everyone more. I will share. Please be nice. Maybe a video will get the chalkbucket back to its old chatty ways.
  16. John

    Need happy stories - Bar changes

    Level 9 bars = no joke. My DD has just last week completed her level 9 entire bars routine. It still is not pretty but she is working daily and is excited. Thru the entire summer, her pak came and went. She has always been behind on the bars. As she approaches her teenage years she is becoming...
  17. John

    Changing gyms

    I switched my daughter. She was sad about leaving good friends but happy about the chance for better gymnastics. If your daughter loves gymnastics she will be good with the change after it happens. Either way, she will be safe and moving into her new future.
  18. John

    What life lessons does your child miss because of gymnastics?

    DD does chores and socializes. She receives an allowance because I love her. She spends that allowance on things she wants and has learned spend wisely. She may miss school events but I have a different take on this. My DD is doing what she loves her normal is gym it's different from my...
  19. John

    Competition fees/expenses

    Maryland a girl $1400 does not include regionals or beyond.
  20. John

    Haney under investigation

    @coachp I have indeed made her cry on occasion. Explaining life to her is hard or explaining that she has done wrong, in my eyes, has brought on tears. Those tears may be caused by my approach or by her acceptance that she did wrong and was sorry. I am not scared to answer a question and admit I...