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  1. NastiaLiukinFan

    Gymnastics Blog! (Not sure if this belongs here, but...)

    Hey everybody!! Well, I'll keep this short but i just wanted to say that I've created a gymnastics blog type thing. It's just a website with updates on the latest gymnastics news and fun stuff like that. Now I know that there's already an amazing gymnastics site called Chalk Bucket, but I'll...
  2. NastiaLiukinFan


    Well, yesterday my coach was telling us a story about her developmental group (6 year olds, just starting gymnastics but have potential) and how they were first trying glide swings. After they all succesfully completed a couple of glide swings, the shyest and most quiet girl of the group jumps...
  3. NastiaLiukinFan

    Geigner? Giener? Gainar?

    Hey guys! I'm not sure how to really spell it but I'm doing a geigner on beam! Not the one on bars when you twist in the air sort of. It's when you step with one foot and swing the other one up into a back tuck to land beside the beam. I'm not exactly sure how to spell the name hence the title...
  4. NastiaLiukinFan

    Really Really Really Happy!!!

    I am really super duper happy because my tumbling has improved amazingly since last year and since I've joined provincials, and my coach is very impressed and says I might get to start working back tucks soon!!! And that is a skill I've wanted to learn but haven't been good enough to for a...
  5. NastiaLiukinFan

    Is anyone going to IGC?

    I just wanted to now if anyone is going to IGC this Summer, I'm going in August and I get to meet Nastia! But I had to chose between Shawn and Nastia (my two fav gymnasts) and I had a spot in both weeks but I was only allowed to chose one and it was so hard!!! But I chose Nastia. She rocks! But...
  6. NastiaLiukinFan

    Hello Chalk Bucket!

    Hello everyone! I just got started on Chalk Bucket and It's awesome! But I have one question... Is anyone going to IGC this Summer?:) It ging to be awesome because I get to meet Nastia!:D