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  1. J

    Can you tell when a kid is trying?

    A few years ago my Daughter’s coach was a little frustrated about how she seemed to be working hard but just wasn’t following through on corrections. After a chat with my daughter I realised that the issue was she was getting too many corrections at once. She was just getting stressed and...
  2. J

    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    They do not really look lined do they? But all the Sylvia P competition leotards I ever seen are fully lined under mesh (except for mesh sleeves which are not lined). Whatever else can be said about them, they are always very well made.
  3. J

    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    I’m from Australia and I knew exactly which gym that leotard would be from. It has a very specific aesthetic. I assume they are SylviaP leotards. Even though they are made here, you do not frequently see Sylvia P leotards like that around. Their competition leotards are everywhere, it might...
  4. J

    Pros of Being Tall

    Snap SandSurfandGym! I was posting about Georgia Rose at the same time you were. She’s the tallest WAG gymnast currently competing at international level. She looks stunning on floor too. Does not have the D to compete against the big names but always has lovely execution.
  5. J

    Pros of Being Tall

    I have mentioned this before here, so apologies for the repetition, but in Australia a bars specialist on our national team is 5’8. She has been on the team for years, has medalled at World Cup events, and looks beautiful on bars!
  6. J

    Child in DDs age group passed her out skill & performance wise, coach playing favorites

    Yikes! If a gym has a social media star, they are doing social media wrong. I think there would be a parent uprising at my daughter’s gym if competition photos didn’t celebrate the hard workers as well as the winners, and training photos did not celebrate the newly learned back handsprings as...
  7. J


    My daughter’s grips were broken in (as in fit her hands and nice and flexible) in a few weeks, but she didn’t become accustomed to them for months. I think it was probably a good nine months before she stopped saying they made everything harder. Her gym doesn’t introduce them until level five...
  8. J

    Is this against the rules?

    Aussie Coach here in Sydney, it is similar but there is a public school competition too although it is fairly low key. The independent girls school school competition is fiercely competitive (at least in division one schools) and goes all the way to level ten. Some of the schools that...
  9. J

    Kara Eaker's beam at Worlds

    Oh were they! I did not know how much it was being used. Twitter (which is my sole source of info on worlds as we have had no broadcast here yet) reported that the panels were accepting more enquiries than they usually tend to, and that they really were not going gymnasts’ ways as much as...
  10. J

    Kara Eaker's beam at Worlds

    Does anyone know what role the robot judging played in all this? I read before the competition that it was meant to be used for officially confirming D scores, but is it only used when there is an enquiry? You’d have to be REALLY confident of your moves, I would think, to take on a robot judge!
  11. J

    Looking for advice - gymnast distracts others

    Addressing it as a group would only ‘drag everyone down’ if it is done in a particularly insensitive manner. Firmly outlining rules shouldn’t really ‘drag everyone down’ unless the rules are particularly draconian! Otherwise it allows the coach to simply set out all sides of the behavioural...
  12. J

    Looking for advice - gymnast distracts others

    Definitely separate them. It does not have to be a big deal - different stations, different ends of the line for conditioning etc. And if they ask why, you can just say it is because there is too much chat when they are together. The other thing could be to empower the other girl to say...
  13. J

    Haney under investigation

    Gosh, I love listening to my kid practicing her instrument. I love listening to the neighbour’s kid practicing his instrument! My kids like watching me work sometimes, and asking me questions about it and giving ideas. I guess different families have different levels of interest in each...
  14. J

    Haney under investigation

    I agree that decent communication can be the key to preventing the negative effects of excessive parent watching. Sometimes parents feel they have to watch just to be able to have a clue what is going on. How do coaches interact with children, is it really as ‘unfair’ as a kid whinges or is...
  15. J

    Which kind of gym is better?

    The other thing is, and I only learned this with hindsight, a lot of the activities they do in the lower levels that do not look like much or that look like strength and conditioning are actually drills for higher level skills. So while you are sitting there wondering why they are ‘just...
  16. J

    International Elite MG Elite Podium Training Leo

    If she’s happy with it, then it looks like an OK training leotard to me. Not terribly flattering from behind, but she’s under no obligation to wear things that we find flattering while she’s training. I imagine she will be in something quite different for the actual competition.
  17. J

    Sylvia P leo fit?

    I know SylviaP sizing well, but not GK. But something I have found useful when ordering online from overseas is to email the company and ask them for the actual measurements of their leotards when laid flat. I ask for shoulder seam to crotch seam, and side seam to side seam across the middle...
  18. J


    Mine loves the meets, and has sinceher very first one at aged six. As Aussie Coach said, it was about the sparkly leotard, and hanging out with her coach and teammates, and the interesting meet routine, and being at a different gym, and presenting to the judges and so on. About that ‘special...
  19. J

    Questions about grips

    Grips are a level 5 (Australian) rite of passage at my daughter’s gym. They specify reisport Velcro dowel grips and check the fit before the girls are allowed to use them. My daughter hated hers for a good eight months. She said they were horrible and ruined bars. Then her coachgot all...
  20. J

    HBO "At the Heart of Gold"

    I just cried through the last half hour of that. It was harrowing hearing the stories in first person even though have heard many of them reported before. It was a very powerful exploration of what happened, and a tribute to the women and girls who came forward and made it stop. I would have...