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  1. azara

    I'd like to cut floor music again!

    I had so much fun doing this two years ago, and I've just started cutting music again. Let me know if there's any music you'd like cut! Here are some examples of what I've done previously:
  2. azara

    Educational video on preventing the sexual abuse of gymnasts (child safe)

    I have not been active on this board for the last few months as I have not been involved with much gymnastics lately (not by choice: I moved home). However, when I saw this video about inappropriate touching on YouTube, I thought it was too important not to share. It is child safe and very...
  3. azara

    Which skills do you love?

    We had a thread a while back about which skills gymnasts found the hardest. Here's another take: which is your, or your DD/DS', favourite to perform? Which do you like to watch the most? My favourite to do is probably a front walkover, because I love the feeling of the lever. I really want to...
  4. azara

    Discussion of abuse in USAG - Nassar

    Apologies if either of these two brave women have been mentioned already, but I haven't seen it yet and I think it's vital that the recent accounts given by Tatiana and McKayla be shared. Please read their stories in their own words, my short summaries are not enough. Tatiana...
  5. azara

    Making straight jumps exciting

    Hi all, I've just been rostered to coach a group of young rec gymnasts by myself (I'm pretty excited, feel like I've graduated a little haha). It's a very basic group, so two out of the three vault skills are straight jumps: straight jump off a 40cm box, and up onto a 20cm box. There are...
  6. azara

    Beginners re-gripping one hand at a time

    Hi all, very new coach here. I'm an assistant coach for beginners at the moment, and I'm still learning how to explain things and give corrections in a way that makes sense to the kids (who are 5-7 yo). One thing I've noticed on the bars rotation is that several of the gymnasts, when doing...
  7. azara

    I'd like to cut floor music!

    Hey all, I cut a piece of music lately for a gymnastics routine, and I really enjoyed doing it. I'd really like to do some more. So, if anybody would like some floor music to be cut, please let me know! For reference, here's the one I already made: . I don't think it came out too badly...
  8. azara

    What's your dream beam?

    Wow, two threads in three days? I'm on a roll! I got this idea from another thread, started by @Sarah_the_gymnast, about handstand splash downs. If levels didn't exist, composition rules didn't exist, and you could make whatever beam routine you wanted for your gymnasts/child/self, which...
  9. azara

    A new step in the gymnastics journey

    An ambiguous title, I know, but I think it fits. As some of you may know, I moved interstate to go to uni this year, which meant leaving behind my old gym. After about four months of doing no gymnastics, I finally called a new gym about 15 minutes' convenient bus ride away, about their adult...
  10. azara

    Becoming a judge in Australia

    Hi Chalkbucketers, I've always been interested in the technical side of gymnastics and I think it would be very interesting to become a judge. I've been looking for information on the Gymnastics Australia webpage and found that the course I need to take is a beginner's judging course for WAG...
  11. azara

    Level 8 "up to level" standards

    Hi everyone, I saw this video the other day of a very talented level 8 gymnast with a stunning beam routine: I'm not very familiar with JO rules. The routine scored a 9.8, which is awesome, but still I had to wonder whether it is "up to level". The acro connection is a tick-tock to one BHS...
  12. azara

    Gymnasts who roll their ankles

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with gymnasts who tend to roll an ankle whilst practising? Do you take any measure/have advice to prevent it from happening? I'm sure I'm not the only one. The problem is that it's not necessarily just doing "big" skills, yesterday I managed it doing a round...
  13. azara

    No dominant leg on beam

    Hi Chalkbucketers! I have a somewhat different problem that somebody here may have experience with. I was trained as a figure skater, so somehow I've learned to do all of my leaps like split jumps and so forth leading from my left leg (because in skating, you take off from your left leg). The...
  14. azara

    Getting a stronger block (or any block)

    Hi everyone! I'm new the forum and a teenage gymnast. I've been lurking for a while, but never actually joined until recently. I'm about level 3 and have been having some real issues improving my block - but only going forwards (never tried backwards). In round offs and cartwheels, I'm...
  15. azara

    Hey everyone!

    Hi Chalkbucket folks :D Just thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself. I'm a 16 year old recreational gymnast from Australia. I'd be around a level 3 myself, but I follow the elite international scene religiously, which is one of the reasons I joined the board. My pet team right now is...