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  1. Sari

    Friend Drama, Gymnastics related

    Much has been said and great advice has been given. Here's my perspective as someone who was bullied in elementary school and had to learn the hard way that her "friends" were not worth fighting for but we're actually an overwhelmingly negative influence on her emotional well-being. Kids can be...
  2. Sari

    Handstand flatback is giving me migraines

    Thank you!!! I'll add a hurdle line next practice! Any pointers as to where to place it to start with? I've read differing suggestions online. We don't have a carpet runway so we have never used one before. But I'll bring tape!
  3. Sari

    Handstand flatback is giving me migraines

    I've been coaching vault this year and drilling running, handstands, body tightness and arm circles and hurdles into the board. However, when we try to put everything together, it seems like my gymnasts just forget what they're supposed to be doing (none of them keep their legs straight after...
  4. Sari

    Veterans: post tips for new coaches

    I wish we had a trampoline! I have to make do with mini tramps.
  5. Sari


    So tragic. I didn't read through this entire thread until just now because I had to coach at the last meet of the season today and didn't want to freak myself and my gymnasts out. But my heart breaks for Melanie, her family, coaches and teammates. What a horrific thing to witness. I can't...
  6. Sari

    Backward roll to handstand

    Are you talking about a back extension roll or a backward roll to handstand that starts with bent arms? Lack of strength. Slow arms before/when hitting the ground. Arching into the handstand. I teach back extension rolls down an incline into a pushup position first and then build that up by...
  7. Sari

    Kips - straddle vs. no straddle

    Thank you for your insightful reply! I appreciate it. Bars is not our strong suit right now so I'm really striving to become more knowledgeable. (I do spot of course. And spotting kips currently involves a lot of jumping back and forth to make room for straddled legs. That's one reason I want...
  8. Sari

    Springboard for bars?

    We stop using springboards when the individual gymnast gets tall enough to more easily kip without them. How old and tall are the girls in your daughter's training group? Maybe it's just a natural progression that has been miscommunicated as a ban.
  9. Sari

    Kips - straddle vs. no straddle

    What about hip flexors? I'll be the first to admit that anatomy is my weak point as a coach.
  10. Sari

    Gymnastics exercises with wrist injuries?

    I don't feel comfortable giving you suggestions for exercises but I'd advise you to take it easy with your wrists (and ankles as well). Doing the same skills over and over again, especially if you don't have good form yet, is going to put a lot of pressure on your joints and lead to more...
  11. Sari

    Kips - straddle vs. no straddle

    Thanks everyone! Gonna at least switch the little ones to a piked kip. Bars is our weakest event. Cast handstands might not be in the near future but certainly down the road. I joined an existing team of coaches late last year and they'd been teaching an extremely early straddle in kips...
  12. Sari

    Back hip circle undershoots

    Agree with all of the above. I also do spotted slow-motion drops to candlestick - freeze - spot the undershoot. Then add in the BHC and work on speeding things up. Lots of girls I've worked with tend to throw their head back so this way they can really focus on keeping it in (with added verbal...
  13. Sari

    Kips - straddle vs. no straddle

    Do you teach kips with a straddle during the glide or with the legs together? Are there pros and cons I should be aware of? I have a few girls who straddle way too early and lose all momentum so I'm thinking about switching them over to no straddle. Only obvious thing I can think of is the...
  14. Sari

    Looking for advice - gymnast distracts others

    I asked a very similar question a while ago and got some very insightful feedback on the preteen/teen developmental stage. I'll try to look up that thread for you. [Found it: https://www.chalkbucket.com/forums/threads/discipline-issues-with-t-w-een-gymnasts.64813/ ] Our issue kind of revolved...
  15. Sari

    Pop floor music suggestions appreciated

    One of my younger gymnasts is intent on using pop music for her optionals floor routine. She's 8 (turning 9) and what I would call stocky, short and muscular. She's neither the most powerful gymnast nor very poised/ballet-like. More power than ballet though. :D She likes this song but I'm not...
  16. Sari

    Drills for higher casts.

    I just saw this drill on the parallel bars the other day where you have one bar set up higher than the other, pad the higher bar and have them cast on the lower bar, facing out, with the goal of their legs touching the padded higher bar. I might not be explaining this very well, sorry. It's...
  17. Sari

    Underwear Under Leotards? Teens

    I think it depends entirely on the individual and their preferences. Our girls usually wear shorts at practice. At meets, the competition rules allow underwear that matches the leo (no deduction) so I let the gymnasts and their parents decide what they feel most comfortable with. I used to...
  18. Sari

    Gymnastics Injuries?

    Getting to L6 in only two years it might have taken a bit of a toll on your body. Training 5 times a week can be pretty intense, especially if you've progressed rapidly with less time for the body to get used to it. I've been pretty fortunate, I never had a serious injury during my gym career...
  19. Sari

    Comp Nerves

    I was like this at meets all throughout my gym career so I feel for you! Visualization can really do wonders, if done consistently. You can go through your routine in your head wherever, and imagine yourself doing it perfectly. I would suggest doing it at practice too, even if you have no...
  20. Sari

    Gyms in Berlin (Germany) area

    You posted this just in time. I'm not from Berlin but I can certainly try to help. How old and what level are you? High level bound gymnasts are chosen at a very young age but if you were already a high level gymnast you could theoretically ask to train with your age group. Otherwise there are...