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    Junior Olympic What to do

    It’s always rough coming back from an injury. I agree with the above poster, just give her time to practice and slowly let her gain back her confidence and her skills should come back in time.
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    Meet score

    How many hours a week are you practicing? A private lesson with a coach might be helpful as they can help identify specific deductions you are getting and tell you more precisely what to work on to improve your scores.
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    Well I can relate this ...

    Great read, thanks for the link!
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    International Elite She did it....shameless mom brag

    Wow, she’s amazing!! Congratulations, you must be soo incredibly proud!!
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    back walkover on beam

    I would just give her more time to practice and gain more confidence. She will get there in time, and asking about it will make her feel more pressure and not help at all.
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    International Elite Simone Biles training a Yurchenko double pike

    There is a Tokyo 2020 Olympic thread if you are interested, it’s under the “‘Major Competitions” category!
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    How often do your preteam girls practice?

    oops sorry, I made a mistake. Level 2 girls actually practice 6 hours at our gym. 2 hour practices, 3 times a week. Level 2 competed 5 meets during the season years ago when my daughter was in it, I’m not sure about now. Every gym is different and some don’t have girls compete until level 3...
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    How often do your preteam girls practice?

    Preteam level 2 girls do 4 hours a week at our gym, 2 hour practices, twice a week. I’m not sure of the exact requirements but the girls from the rec classes are usually scouted and invited to join from the coaches.
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    Worst Meet Ever

    Just wanted to say that I absolutely love this thread and what a great reminder it is that gymnastics is not only about performing well and medaling. It’s so rewarding to see you all post about the little wins in gymnastics and what important life lessons our kids are learning from it!
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    Is anyone else excited for the Olympics? Who are you rooting for for team USA??

    I like Sunisa Lee too and think she has a good chance of making it. She’s a beautiful gymnast to watch and she has been looking so strong lately. I also love her backstory about being one of six kids and not growing up wealthy. Her parents had to struggle to afford getting her to the meets...
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    Floor music

    How about Tango Amore for the music? As for choreography, I would say a lot of more sharp hand/arm movements to match the beat of the tango music rather than cutesy flowy gestures. Look on YouTube for gymnastics tango floor as inspiration!
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    Illness before meets...

    If she’s feeling better by Saturday and wants to compete I would let her. But if she’s not showing any improvement by Friday afternoon or feeling weak, I would skip the meet and let her recuperate. It also depends on the child too. If she just wants to go out there and have fun and get another...
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    Is anyone else excited for the Olympics? Who are you rooting for for team USA??

    Obviously Simone Biles is a lock to get a spot but who are your favorites to make the women’s team? Have you been following any of the other gymnasts and hoping they get one of the spots? I’m looking forward to watching the American Cup next month and of course the Olympic trials!
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    Bringing in your own coach

    Too many red flags here, I would leave that gym also.
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    Duoderm for rips...or facial acne spots?

    This is my first time hearing about duoderm. Have you guys tried it with any success? My daughter also gets rips often and puts bag balm on at night as a preventative and it seems to doing its job, hope this helps!
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    Confused about levels in competition.

    Hm, I’m never heard of this. Is there a reason why gymnasts would switch back and forth if they aren’t transitioning from one program to the other?
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    Gym Name Help!

    I vote no on Cassidy also, it does make it sound more of a girl’s gym and not as inviting to boys programs. Nothing too cutesy either with Tot or Tiny in the name if you’re wanting to have more serious programs in the future. Let us know what you decide on!
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    Level 6 vs Level 7

    Don’t quote me on this but I think this is what it is at our gym... Vault is the same as L6. For bars you have to do giants. For floor, the tumbling series, you have to do RO, BHS, layout instead of ROBHS back tucks. And beam is a flight series, like back walkover back handspring rather than...
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    Need advice: I am dreading this meet season

    It’s definitely love and hate for me too. I love the excitement of watching her perform a new routine or upgraded skill but it’s also nerve wracking and makes me anxious hoping she doesn’t fall and is disappointed in herself. Also, the stress of missing school for a travel meet or Friday meet...