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  1. Tea

    Appropriate meet hairstyles

    I recently cut my hair short, it is around chin length. My hair is too short to put up into pony tails or buns. For practice recently I’ve been doing a half up half down hairstyle with a headband. Now that the competition season is near, what are some appropriate meet hairstyles that will stay...
  2. Tea


    I'm a XCEL diamond currently, most likely going into JO After this season ends. As you have to be 16+
  3. Tea

    Grip question

    What are the best grip brands?
  4. Tea

    I can't kickover!!!

    My suggestion would be to kickover from a high platform like panel mats, and as you get more comfortable keep lowering them until you've reached the floor. If you don't have panel mats you could use boxes at home or just improvise?
  5. Tea

    Rip Trouble (I need quick answers)

    I usually put a tea bag on rips which helps it heal. But I'm in a dilemma, I have a huge rip on my hand and I have an hour private on bars today. These are weekly since my bars isn't as strong as it should be. I could rap it but I'd be in a lot of pain, any suggestions?