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  1. MuggleMom

    How many L10 girls graduate from U.S. high schools every year?

    I do find the journey from compulsory to optional very interesting as well, from the get go I just said it would be nice if my DD makes it to optionals but I have no idea if she will ever make it to level 10 and many parents sort of looked at me funny....like isnt 10 the goal? I would just say...
  2. MuggleMom

    To Quit Or Not To Quit

    I agree with what everyone here has said. Don't think of it as quitting! You are taking the hard work, effort, and skills learned in gym and you are excited to put them into new adventures. If you are excited everyone will be excited with you and I think if you start talking to yourself about it...
  3. MuggleMom

    When to tell coaches that daughter is switching to a new gym

    Plan for the worst and hope for the best. As far as I know our gym has been fine with girls moving to other gyms. We have had some exits over the years but I personally have never heard of a messy exit (with one exception and the drama was on the part of the family not the gym) Our rival gym is...
  4. MuggleMom

    Disney Vacation

    I went a few years ago with my parents they did the travel stuff and I planned all the park stuff it was a lot of fun but a lot of work. This time around part of me wants to just enjoy it a bit more instead of fretting about every last detail so that's why I am leaning towards using an agent. I...
  5. MuggleMom

    Disney Vacation

    So been seriously thinking about planning a Disney vacation before the kids get to old to really enjoy the magic of it all. Any great tips? Is it worth going through a vacation planner? Anyone gone through Costco before?
  6. MuggleMom

    Navarro Cheer

    I enjoyed it from an entertainment perspective. How the final competition went down like holy cow they couldnt have written a more compelling ending. I didn't quite understand how they treated injury--Just because a kid (and lets be real these are still kids in many key factors) WANTS to...
  7. MuggleMom

    How many L10 girls graduate from U.S. high schools every year?

    The short answer is that there is no repository for this type of statistical data and it would be hard to extrapolate an accurate answer. Sorry just wanted to use alot of big words today :)
  8. MuggleMom

    International Elite Maggie Haney Hearing

    If the only way you can create a champion is by questionable and abusive means then you arent a very good coach in my opinion--you have one trick in your arsenal fear.
  9. MuggleMom

    ExtraOrdinary Athletes

    DD had two falls on beam at her meet and it didn't bother her she actually focused on the positive from the event (trying a new skill) :) she tends to get negative when things dont go right so I was happy to see her positive attitude.
  10. MuggleMom

    A great meet!

    We had a similar situation DD was struggling after being sick a bunch in December wanted to scratch the whole meet then was only going to do Bars and Floor. Ended up competing all events. Placed on bars and floor but I was super proud when she fell twice on beam and wasnt even upset afterwards...
  11. MuggleMom

    Vault what in the world do they look for

    Even though there are clear standards for what they are looking for i think judges are still getting used to judging it as well. I have seen inconsitencies in how its judged/scored. The meet we were at this weekend I thought they judged the tsuk with much higher scores than the yurchenko--even a...
  12. MuggleMom

    More 6's, less 5's

    Personally I am thankful my daughter didn't have to do 5 she is not a strong compulsory gymnast but is doing well in Level 6. We had some girls do quite well going from 4 to 7 as well. I think if the gym does a good job of preparing you and takes the individual gymnast into account its not a...
  13. MuggleMom


    In my opinion if she can compete the even safely then she should be able to compete it--but different gyms have different rules. Also, in general I dont think coaches should "threaten" girls. If she could safely do the backhandspring she just wasnt sticking it I think she should have been...
  14. MuggleMom


    Let us all remember too that Ty's Dad came here to vent not neccisarily for "answers" I am sure that all of us are nicer and more understanding in person than we are on here cause this is our safe space to say isnt this thing or that thing super annoying. And its fun to be like yeah I'm gonna...
  15. MuggleMom

    Help- Backwards issues!!

    My DD was stressing about things and we had a coach meeting and they kept telling her its called OPTIONAL gymnastics you know what that means...you have options don't get caught up in what you can't do. I think thats great advise for all and I love gyms that embrace that philosophy.
  16. MuggleMom


    Fair is the new 4 letter F word lol. ;)
  17. MuggleMom

    Gym Name Help!

    Family Flippers?
  18. MuggleMom

    Gym Name Help!

    Funtastic Gymnastic, Tumbletown Gymnastics, Flip Out Acrobatics, Flip Out Corner Gym, High Flyers Athletics (if you will have non gym sports there too maybe?) Flip Out Athletics, Twist Athletics, Tiny Twisters,
  19. MuggleMom

    Need advice: I am dreading this meet season

    This is why I hate meet season. DD is a germ magnet and we spend half the winter sick with this or that. Just happened --only went maybe 5 times in December now she is a big fat mess (emotionally and confidence wise) for the January meets which we may just not do because its stressing her out so...
  20. MuggleMom


    Exactly--like I said in a previous post nothing in life is "fair" if people are talking about something not being fair it just means they aren't happy with the outcome and they are putting that negativity on you and that stinks. And if these are people on her team saying its not fair thats...