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  1. AliyaFan76

    What are you thankful for?

    I know thanksgiving already passed, but what are you thankful for going into 2020? (gym or non gym related) I'm thankful to live close to my gym, and to have supportive parents who have driven me basically every destination known to man along, and always attended meets with a video...
  2. AliyaFan76

    Very few XD gymnasts

    Something I've noticed so far this season is that there are very few xcel diamonds in our area. At our last meet, there were 1200 gymnasts and only 12 of them were diamonds. On the other hand, platinum is a pretty competitive level and at big meets there are usually 100+ of them. Anyone know why...
  3. AliyaFan76

    Help With Splits

    I've finally decided it's time to really get those splits down to the floor, and I've been practicing splits along with other basic stretches most days for about 2 weeks, but haven't really seen any improvement. Does anyone have any advice?