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    Injury week of State Meet

    Hey. How do you find out if one can petition to Regionals if they get injured 4 days before state? She’s a level 10 gymnast... Thanks.
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    College Question

    Hey - other than that spreadsheet that someone keeps up with showing the commits (NCAA WAG Rosters & Commits) is there another way to tell how many spots are available for your daughter's year? Thank you.
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    Online Scores/Meet Scores Online

    Hey, I have tried to find scores online but no luck. I have checked Meetscoresonline.com, myusagym app and meet hub app.... is there another site? This weekend we have Atlanta Crown.... Thanks.
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    College spreadsheet contact list

    Hey. About a year or more ago - I cane across A spreadsheet that listed colleges by division with coaches name and email... does anyone know where this is? For the life of me - I cannot remember where or how I found It. Thank you.
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    Website with video

    Hey, At one time I came across a website that showed video for each skill - for all events. Does anyone know that website? Thank you.
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    Junior Olympic Level 10 Bars

    Can someone tell me - for a level 10 bar routine - what exactly is required? My daughter said two directional changes are required but the coach says she doesn't think so..... How can I find out for sure? Thank you in advance.