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  1. dan129834

    phsical therapy help

    Hey, im training at gym for 5 years, and started gymnastics recently, so i was pretty tight when i've started, especially in the hamstring and hip flexors, also because i was sitting a lot in my lifestyle. because of that, i think i've stretched myself a bit too much, i felt pain in the outer...
  2. dan129834

    Help with beginner gymnastics stretches and exercises

    Hey, im a beginner gymnast, started 4 months ago, and i've been training in gym for 5 years, so im a bit tight.(but still not that heavy, 69 kg, 1.72 m, i do have good fundamental strength) I want to improve my flexibility without pushing it too much and injuring myself. I almost able to do side...
  3. dan129834

    become a pro

    hey, im 21 years old, started gymnastics a few months ago, and it seems i have pretty natural approach to gymnastics. my biggest dream is to become an elite athlete. when i started gymnastics, it was the most fun and interesting sports i ever done, and i kinda reggret it that i didnt went to...