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    I don't think I will be ever be able to....

    I don't think i will ever be able to compete in gymnastics since I just started at 19
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    Kellogg's Tour :-/

    There's still a chance! I bought my tickets 2 hours before the show and went! haha of course they werent meet and greet tickets but atleast I got to see it :) P.S. the closer it gets to the show, the cheaper the tickets will be as people resell them
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    Kellogs Tour of Gymnastics Superstars - No Gabby, Kyla and McKayla?!

    I saw the tour this weekend and it was great! I wish that they hadn't done the scenes with just the dancers because that wasn't really interesting... haha but other than that it was good :) I was surprised to see 4 out of the fierce 5! I dont know who was at the meet and greet since those...
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    Too late?

    I started when I was 19 (well, i'm still 19 haha) and it's not too late! You just have to find a gym with a good adult program :)
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    It happened in 2012!!

    so lucky! We dont even have a coach... the coach works with the team girls while we get some guy who never did gymnastics and doesnt know how to spot (so he just doesnt spot anything). Basically we warm up by just doing handstands then the rest of class is doing front handsprings on tumbletrack...
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    It happened in 2012!!

    I was just wondering how you guys train? Do you take private lessons or are your adult classes structured enough to teach you all this? All the gyms around me have adult classes that are more like run around and do what you want without help, so we dont learn anything and it's really frustrating!
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    Opening Ceremonies...what did you think?

    Definitely a little slow for me.. enjoyed the Beijing opening ceremony a lot more
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    Ideas for Adult Class format

    I really wish my gym would ask this! I currently go to a gym whose adult class is the basic free for all and it's so frustrating! The guys just basically try to do the craziest flips they can, so the coach constantly watches them. Everyone who doesnt want to do that is left with no direction...
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    Grips Question

    Alright, thanks everyone! I'll talk to my coach next week :)
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    Grips Question

    I'm 19 years old and just started going to an adult gymnastics class. I was wondering if i should buy beginners or dowel grips? I wont be doing any higher skills like giants or anything for quite a while so that's why i was thinking the palm grips, but others say that dowel grips are better for...
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    It happened in 2012!!

    I'm new here so i thought i should add my goals for this year :) I just started gymnastics so right now my goals are to learn how to do a back handspring and learn basic skills on bars :)
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    Hi everyone :)

    My name is Katelyn and i'm 19 year old from New Jersey. I have done taekwondo for 12 years, but am new to gymnastics! I'm currently looking for a gym that offers adult classes with apparatus and not just tumbling. I look foward to meeting people on here, especially others who have started...
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    Anyone ever attended Woodward Summer Camp as an adult?

    I have not gone, but i really want to go to woodward east next summer! I'm new to this forum and gymnastics so i hope to get to know you guys and hopefully will see you there :)