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  1. MaryA

    Gyms in Sarasota, Florida?

    Is anyone familiar with the gym options in Sarasota, FL? There seem to be a good number of them. My daughter is a senior in high school, competing level 9, and coaching pre-team (plus whatever other classes they throw her into when they need her). She is considering New College of Florida in...
  2. MaryA

    Sadness approaching "retirement"

    Haven't posted on the main board since forever. Next week will be my daughter's last week of competitive gymnastics. She's a 16-year-old level 8 (would be a 9 if she continued). She is going off to a semester school for the second half of next year (her choice) and her dad and I (ok, mostly her...
  3. MaryA

    OT for parents:Cell phone monitoring

    Parents of teens/tweens... Do you monitor your kids' cell phones (smart phones especially)? If so, do you use a monitoring program or just ask them to hand them over periodically? If you use a program, what do you use and are you happy with it? I am of two minds... Feeling like I need to trust...
  4. MaryA

    Virginia Beach area?

    Is anyone familiar with the Virginia Beach area? DD is competing at Excallibur and we were thinking about doing her 14th birthday celebration while we're there. Anyone have any suggestions? Fun restaurants? Other potentially cool teen birthday hotspots? TIA!
  5. MaryA

    Totally OT: my in-laws are a pain in my...back!

    Ok, they are sometimes a pain in other places too. But that's beside the point. We are going to my in-laws' for Thanksgiving. The last time we were there, their guest-bed killed my back. Every night it was worse than the night before. Each day I bought a different OTC pain killer... First...
  6. MaryA

    Flip side of the ballet question

    Ok, I know nobody can answer this for sure. It's going to be different for every kid, etc. etc. The one mom wanted to know how much her gymnast will get out of a ballet class. I want to know how much my ballerina will get out of a tumbling class! My 13-year-old DD, who has been taking ballet...
  7. MaryA

    Article on parenting a gymnast...

    A friend tagged me on Facebook with a link to this article. Nothing new or earth-shattering, but some decent common-sense advice compiled in one place. I'm trying not to take it personally that she tagged me. I'm sure she thinks that my DD is being "deprived of a normal childhood" but I know her...
  8. MaryA

    Meet gifts for boys

    I am in charge of vending for our home meet. This year, for the first time, the meet will include boys as well as girls. Also for the first time, the location where we are having it will not allow food of any type on the floor (and therefore it can't be sold at our vending booth). In the...
  9. MaryA

    Quitting question

    Someone "liked" a really old post of mine and it prompted me to go back and read the thread. As so many of the best CB threads do, it touched on a bunch of different topics, one of them being quitting. In it, dunno stated something along the lines of gymnasts quitting 3476234 times during their...
  10. MaryA

    Toenail curling in on itself?

    I have posted asking about DD's toenails before. They are thick and yucky and I was assured that it's a gymnast thing and comes from repeated trauma. I believe that the information I got was along the lines of, it may improve once she's no longer doing gymnastics, but that she still may not want...
  11. MaryA

    Highest score?

    Just got an email from my DD who is working on her gymnastics project. She wants to know what the highest score is in USAG men's gymnastics. Like for women it's 10 per event. What about for men? TIA!
  12. MaryA

    Throw-back challenge

    It's not Thursday, so we can't call it Throw Back Thursday, but... I was doing a little searching to see if I could dig up some of the old posts with "how to choose a new gym" type info for another post and I came across a thread of mine from when DD was just switching gyms. She was 10. She...
  13. MaryA

    Why do some kids rip or not?

    DD almost never rips. She is a level 8 and in the gym 20 hours a week. At the moment she is in a boot so she is doing double and sometimes triple bar rotations, but still no rips. She doesn't do anything special to her hands... No filing callouses or moisturizing or anything. When she has had...
  14. MaryA

    Toe growth plate?

    DD hurt her foot today in the gym. I took her to one of those "express" medical centers since it was 6:00. They did an X-ray, said they didn't see a fracture but they would have their radiologist look at it. Said it was most likely just a bruise. However, as we were driving home we got the call...
  15. MaryA

    Hands-on gymnastics project?

    At DD's school, each student needs to do an end-of-year project. The school is 5th-8th grade. In 5th grade she did a presentation about her pet lizard. In 6th, she did it on local species of spiders and had the whole family trapping her little subjects (there were two students in her class...
  16. MaryA

    Cirque du Soleil

    So this is a question that came together in my head from a variety of other posts. There was just that post about "your child is not going to go pro" which made me think, "There really is no professional gymnastics." Which made me think of a thread from a number of months ago, where Dunno (I...
  17. MaryA

    GK Outlet?

    We're headed to a Reading for PA level 8 States this weekend. Does anyone know if the GK outlet still exists? I've heard of it but have never been. When I google "gk outlet reading" a place called "Down East" comes up. The very basic web page alludes to GK but doesn't specifically mention the...
  18. MaryA

    To discuss meet performance?

    DD is a level 8 who is about to turn 13. After a very strong level 7 season, she has been struggling with level 8. At her first meet, she got a 33.8, which I thought was a pretty decent start. She's always been a kid whose scores improve over the course of the season, but this year her scores...
  19. MaryA

    Snow Day Practice Change?

    Does your gym offer earlier practices when there's a snow day? Ours often does. Today was a surprise snow day, and we just got an email offering the option of a practice starting right after lunch, for people who want to come then instead of at the normal "after school" time. It is nice...