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    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    Man, this is bad timing. Our gym got new Leo last year but they were messed up by GK so they had to get new ones again this year and they have open backs so we're going to have to pay for another new Leo.
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    Bridge Kickover Help

    I suggest getting spotted lighter and lighter every single time you do it, and also just really practicing 24/7 to get it because I understand how frustrating it could be not to move up because of a simple skill like a back walkover. I also suggest looking up at home drills you can do on Google...
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    The dreaded 13-15 year old hump

    I think it would be beneficial for you to sit down with them and talk about what you could do to make them want to stay in gym, whether it is taking one day off of their training schedule a week or taking a day or two off every now and then to spend some more time with their family.
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    I recommend reading the books "Flipping Awesome Gymnast" by Amy twigs, and articles by gymnastics HQ. These articles, and books can help you gain confidence competing, and as a gymnast in general.
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    Is it too late?

    I started gymnastics at age 13 too, I think that being an elite gymnast is a great goal but it may be unattainable due to the circumstances. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it will be very very very difficult to get there and you may not get there at all. The only way you'll even have a...
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    Splits and Stretching

    I would talk to your doctor about seeing a physical therapist. This is one of the best things you can do, and the best part about it is that it really works amazingly!
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    Help With Splits

    My advice is to keep on pushing your limits and stay consistent. I also would advise that you go to Alivia D'andrea's youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChIjQmxk48Fn8UYdJH2NaoQ she has flexibility videos for everything. I wish you good luck!
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    I want to move up.

    I have been in Xcel for 9 months, I joined halfway through the year, (in October.) The skills I have are: Vault- Tsukahara timer. Bars- Free hip, layout fly away, kip, pike on. Beam- BHS stepout, cartwheel, front walkover, back walkover, Front pike dismount, split jump is 180 degrees. Floor- RO...
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    I need to heal my rip overnight.

    Thanks. I decided to still participate, and double ripped in the same area.
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    Coming back from injury

    I recommend religiously sticking to physical therapy.
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    I want to move up.

    I wish that was possible, but gymnasts come from all over the county to train at our gym because we are the only gym in the area.
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    I need to heal my rip overnight.

    I have a clinic tomorrow and I need for my rip to heal overnight. This is really important because we only have one three hour clinic a year at my gym. Please provide me with the fastest ways to heal a rip.
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    Drills for higher casts.

    My girls are really struggling getting their casts high enough. Any advice?
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    I want to move to JO from Xcel.

    I want to move to JO from Xcel, but I do not know how I would go about doing that. If anyone knows the process please respond.
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    I want to move up.

    I want to move to JO from Xcel, (I had to do Xcel because I started gym midway through the year, and started when I was 13.) I don't know if it is possible though.