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  1. skschlag

    Growth during break

    As long as he keeps up with his strength, flexibility, and any rehab, he should be as good as anyone else. Growth stinks for a male gymnast, but they can learn. I will say, keeping that flex is key though (strength too, but most boys are ok with that :) )
  2. skschlag

    How is your workplace complying?

    1. My business is in the essential goods category Kind of? NOt all of us are considered essential, but I an essential.. 2. Please respond with your work situation during this time - A) Mandatory shut down - all must work at home unless your job requires you to be physically there 3. Are you...
  3. skschlag

    It looks like they’re being postponed

    Thank goodness though. SO many are unable to train right now, it needed to be postponed.
  4. skschlag

    Musings of a Gym Parent in Isolation

    * where do all the dishes come from everyday? * how will this affect recruiting? * how is school going to go? * when will we go back to school? gym? * do I have enough wine?
  5. skschlag

    Academic All-Americans

    Congratulations to the 2020 Academic All-Americans! https://usagym.org/PDFs/Men/Academic%20All-Americans/m-academic-allam-20.pdf USAG email says they will be mailing certificates in the near future, and they are looking at doing a story on the website....stay tuned :)
  6. skschlag


    I know the men are looking to figure out where to work out. I think Bart Conner Gymnastics is closed, but is allowing them to work there. OPTC Is closed, so they cannot work out there.
  7. skschlag

    How is your gymnast holding up so far?

    My son is hanging in there. He is rehabbing an ankle injury, and is doing 2-3 workouts per day. We are technically on spring break right now, so he is doing some make up work from when he missed for meets, and studying for the SAT. Friends are all on FaceTime for now. His spirits have...
  8. skschlag


    I think for small groups to work, parents and kids have to agree that gym and home are the only places they are going. That they are not out at sleepovers, etc. Just brainstorming, but that might be able to work in the short term. BUt for now, we practice at home
  9. skschlag

    State Meet gift bags stuff - what to do?

    Gift them with whatever you get. SOme parents might be reevaluating what they can/cannot do right now. so use what you have and/or what you get, and give them to the kiddos :)
  10. skschlag


    MAG side has cancelled everything.
  11. skschlag

    MAG JO Nationals

    Just heard from our coach that nationals have been cancelled. I am sure they will send out more info later on whether or not they are trying to see about rescheduling. But for now, the word is, cancelled.
  12. skschlag


    Sure! We are in Colorado. most, not all, gyms are closed for at least 1 week.
  13. skschlag


    closed for at least 2 weeks.
  14. skschlag

    What USAG should be doing

  15. skschlag

    What USAG should be doing

    I think it is coming to that. quickly. It is sad :(
  16. skschlag

    What USAG should be doing

    I think the point is to push the spread of the virus out, to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. We know we can't stop this virus right now, but slowing it is very important.
  17. skschlag

    If you can, support your gym

    ANd some are trying to continue to pay their hourly staff, especially those who rely on it to live, in order to allow them to continue to pay their bills, etc. I applaud that. So, they will need our help to do that! My son is a part time coach, and does not expect to get paid during this, but...
  18. skschlag

    At home conditioning during gym closure

    Here is another resource: http://shiftmovementscience.com/6dayhomeprogram/?fbclid=IwAR3wdsUFkyk9AfQTqV8Tc9Lhy9oG455LSLEPHgBbORbvvvZl1DeEEAUL53U
  19. skschlag

    Post season meets and Coronavirus

    OUr gym is closed, and I think they plan to follow the school districts. As hard as this is, I believe they all need to close. IT does no good to keep kids out of school, make people work from home, and then have everyone meet up at gym. It only takes 1 case, and this virus can be contagious...