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  1. Rick McCharles

    Elite Canada 2016

    Nationals 2016 will be in Edmonton. Nobody has bid for Elite Canada. My guess is that it will end up in Maritime Canada.
  2. Rick McCharles

    have you got a video of this bar dismount? What is the value?

    It is an OLD dismount. I coached two girls who competed it in the late 1970s. The forward salto is easy. Getting into the Endo can be challenging.
  3. Rick McCharles

    Lake Owen Camp Closed???

    At Woodward West and at IGI this summer I was told Lake Owen was leaving the Woodward group, but would continue independently. Haven't heard any different since.
  4. Rick McCharles

    chinese circle trainer

    Chinese Pommel trainer NOT GOOD We've tried them in Alberta, Canada recently. The mechanism tends to bind within a few weeks. They sit unused in the storage area of gyms. Bit of a joke. Even if it worked, I'm not sure they are useful past the stage of beginner as the kids would not LEAN at...
  5. Rick McCharles

    Cheyenne Wyoming Gymnastics??

    There's a great coach, Hal Halverson, semi-retired running a club in tiny Buffalo Wyoming.
  6. Rick McCharles

    For Coaches Top Injury Prevention Practices in Gymnastics Training

    why Alicia will be on the team for Worlds and Olympics She's lazy. Has many other interests. The injury prevention strategy? Fewer reps = fewer chances for injury. More WAG coaches have to find ways to accomplish the goal taking fewer reps in training. Like MAG do.
  7. Rick McCharles

    Any Canadians (MAG) here who have obtained NCAA scholarship??

    Any non-American would be advised to get a consultant. Lights On College Gymnastics and Sports Recruiting Victory Collegiate Consulting ... those are just two possibilities. There are so few Men's programs, however, that you may be able to personally contact them all. And have them walk...
  8. Rick McCharles

    Blinds on Strap Bar?

    YouTube - Pirouette and Blind Change Drills Part 3 - Hideo Mizoguchi Click this link to watch Mizo's video. (This forum doesn't embed YouTube videos automatically?)
  9. Rick McCharles

    Blinds on Strap Bar?

    It's an excellent drill ... for ADVANCED gymnasts. We used it a lot for Blind, Pirouette and 1-arm giants, back in the era of 1-arm giants. But I'm not sure the girl in the video is ready for the drill, as yet. She should still be spotted until able to show form and technique. Still doing the...
  10. Rick McCharles

    Growth Plate Damage

    Here's that link: gymnasts and growth plate damage — Gymnastics
  11. Rick McCharles

    For Coaches rick from canada?

    Hello from Rick in Calgary I do lurk. In fact I caught your post by lurking. And I link to Chalk Bucket threads on my coaching site: tumbling, tramp, diving, acrobatics, circus, cheer, dance, martial arts, X sports … — Gymnastics That keeps me busy enough.
  12. Rick McCharles

    For Coaches The role of handsprings (both front and back) in development of high-level gymnasts

    how important are handsprings? — Gymnastics Great thread!
  13. Rick McCharles

    Prepping p-bars for giant swings

    I put a lot of white sugar into water, then bring it to a strong boil in a microwave. While the water is still hot (super saturated) I use a rag to apply to the rail. Normally one application is enough. The worst system is SALT water. Too abrasive.
  14. Rick McCharles

    Anybody going to the Great West Gymfest?

    packing for the Great West Gym Fest I’m coming. As a coach of the Altadore Gym Club from Calgary, Canada.
  15. Rick McCharles

    Amazing straddle-press to handstands

    Wow I'd love to see that on video.
  16. Rick McCharles

    New on Here. But have been coaching gymnastics for a long time

    Excellent. The more experienced coaches, the better.
  17. Rick McCharles

    For Coaches P-bar dismounts, twisting direction

    twist towards the bar We've always tried to get the guys to twist towards the bar. With this philosophy, you decide the direction of dismount from PBars based on twist direction. It's bonus if the gymnast does Stutz in the same direction too. EG. back or front salto from P Bars travels...
  18. Rick McCharles

    Nationals and well... Nationals

    Congratulations! I will be there blogging Jr Olympics for and ... GOOD LUCK
  19. Rick McCharles

    Back Handspring Trainer by Core Athletics

    Bad review on Gymnastics Coaching: Gymnastics Coaching Blog Archive CoreAthletics back handspring trainer
  20. Rick McCharles

    For Coaches paks, jaegers, tkachevs, gingers

    Pak drills Of those releases, Pak is the one coaches argue about most. The difficult part is the kip out. Check these posts on Gymnastics Coaching, especially the two on spotting Pak. And the advanced bar-to-bar transfers. Gymnastics Coaching
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