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    IGC Gold Beam

    Hi, some of my girls are working their main connection into their dismount. Is that allowed in IgC?
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    USAIGC Gold Beam

    Hi! We just finished our second meet of our season and we were told the handstand backhandspring doesn’t count as a series, although at the first meet it did but now they are saying it doesn’t. What can she do i place of that? Anyone know any good connections? Thank you
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    Hi! We are looking to change some girls routines around and we have some who recently got an uprise, they need 5as and 2bs so she will be kip cast free hip kip squat on uprise cast away flyaway Anyone in silver do this? Or do they need a free hip out of the uprise? Trying to get different...
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    IGC Gold Bars

    Hey everyone! This is our first year doing Gold and we were going over skills needed. So far we have our girls training giants and handstand pirouettes but we are trying to find out what different gyms do! Thanks in advance!
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    USAIGC Vault

    Hey everyone! Just looking to see if anyone who competes Silver in IGC and what they compete for vault.
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    Beam series

    Trying to figure out Acro + flight beam series. Tic tok + bhs Handstand + bhs Back walkover + bhs Cartwheel + roundoff Any others? We have some older girls who can only roundoff, want to get some other ideas other people are doing. Thank you
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    For Coaches USAIGC Bars

    HI, we have been seeing alot of different bar routines at meets and wanted to see what most people do for their USAIGC bronze and silver bar routines!?
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