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  1. Valentin

    For Coaches Developing stoop Through for Zuchold

    Hello, So I have decide to play around with teaching one of the girls a Zuchold. Reason I chose this skill for her is, because she has flexible shoulders, understands the basket swing well, its linear, simplifies the teaching, she is not the best with having to do many things haha.. In any...
  2. Valentin

    For Coaches Level 8 Beam series options

    Hello, I am relative new to coaching Beam, actually its my first year in 10 years of coaching haha, so I am definitely behind the ball on it. I have a level 8 that can do BHS-BHS series which is ideal, but she is kinda on her way out, and the connection has been nothing but headache for her so...
  3. Valentin

    Girls JO proposed changes

    Hi there folks, Does anyone have an up to date list of all the proposed changes that are to be coming into play, or know where I might be able to find that? Or have some inside scoop. Thanks,
  4. Valentin

    For Coaches 10 Coaching Commandments

    Hey.. Here is an article I wrote on 10 guiding principles by which I coach. Would interested to know the boards thoughts Just a rant on some of my coaching philosophy | Coaching Methods
  5. Valentin

    For Coaches What makes a good program director?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if the board members can help shed some light on this for me. In every club I have worked at so far, there has always been a team director, but they never did much more than some basic administration towards getting kids signed up for meets and handling some fees...
  6. Valentin

    For Coaches How accurate is your feedback?

    Hi Everyone, I wrote a blog post on the topic of, how much the coach is able to actually see, and its effects on feedback accuracy, titles " How much does the coach really see " I would love, to the opinions of the members of this forum and board. Thanks,
  7. Valentin

    [Request] Proposed Changes

    Hi Everyone So I have been coaching boys for the past 2 years, and have fallen out of the touch with the girls side of gymnastics. As fate would have it looking for new work, and girls is on the table, but i would like to quickly catch up on what is happening, especially with the new proposed...
  8. Valentin

    New Updates: Anyone go

    Hi Everyone Did any of you attend the presentations about the new updates? If so can you share, when they happen if they have not already? Thanks
  9. Valentin

    For Coaches Coaching pay in US, and other details

    Hi Everyone As of the last month i have been interviewing for job positions all over the country as it would seem, however i always run into the same questions that i feel i do not know honestly how to realistic reply. I was wondering if coaches on here can give me a honest reply as to what is...
  10. Valentin

    For Coaches Golden rule for twisting and pirouetting

    Hi Everyone This is a topic that has personally been a pain in my back side, for quite sometime, and finally i got it all cleared up in my head (thanks to some research and ideas from other great coaches) (This is not my rule, this how i summed up all the info to make sense to me) Golden rule...
  11. Valentin

    For Coaches Overcoming Gravity: A Systematic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength

    Hi EveryoneA little shameless i know, but this is a book Steve Low (a member of this board, I, and two others) put together to help improve the understanding of strength and conditioning in the general population, gymnastics, and crossfit communities. I just did the illustrations for the...
  12. Valentin

    For Coaches How to qualify for Visa Champs

    Hi Ok so i am new to the US, and the program i coach is still very green. I do have one level 10 who since i started coaching where i am at (about 1yr going onto 2 now) has been on and off with his gymnastics. However he has recently snapped out of his slackness and has committed himself to...
  13. Valentin

    [Offer] New Documentry - Jump! Boys - But need Subs

    Hey Everyone Here is a new documentary i found called Jump! Boys and wanted to share. Plus i need your help.. We need english Subtitles. The whole thing is in Chinese (madarin, at least the subs are as far as i can tell) Blog post from Chinese Gymnastics Blog (click here to view) To...
  14. Valentin

    For Coaches Teaching a great Yurchenko layout vault article

    Hi Everyone I have written a new article that i would like to share with everyone, and also get other coaches opinions. View on Scribd View on Issuu
  15. Valentin

    How is Level 4 Mushroom judged

    Hello everyone Ok so i want to know how is Level 4 mushroom judged in your region/state The manual specifies 3 circles and a half. The 1st bonus is 3 1/2 circles without a fall, and 2nd bonus is 5 1/2 circles no fall. So that means that no bonus routine is circle stop, circle stop, circle...
  16. Valentin

    For Coaches Coaching log

    Hi Chalk Bucket coaches, i would just like to let you all know that i am going to be posting all my coaching logs on The Gym Press Facebook page. The idea is that i can get other coaches opinions on the coaching methods, and help create a discussion over gymnastics training. Along with that, i...
  17. Valentin

    For Coaches [Help need video] Yurchenko

    Hi Can anyone post a really high Def (or whatever you have that is max def) video of Cheng Fei vault from the 2005 World Champs. This video YouTube - Cheng Fei 2005 Worlds first vault I would reallllly appreciate it if anyone was able to upload just this video or the slow mo side on view from...
  18. Valentin

    For Coaches USAG WAG Rotuines L4+

    Hi Can some please post the USAG WAG L4+ routines? MAG ones would be good as well if possible. Thank you,
  19. Valentin

    For Coaches The Gym Press - new article

    Hi everyone Hi everyone, i posted a new article on Gym Coach journal: "Sprint training for vault: Off-season training program for 7-12yr old gymnasts" View Abstract you can purchase the full article for $5.00USD from the Gym Coach webpage Also added videos of the running drills i use on The...
  20. Valentin

    For Coaches What is the key to creating great gymnasts?

    Hi Last week i attended the New Zealand National Champs, and i started thinking how come there is such a huge difference in performance at the compulsory levels even amongst the strongest regions? What is the key to creating great gymnasts? Is it talent? coaching? the program that the kids go...
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