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  1. hawaii_gymnast

    Restricted Trampoline Use Thoughts

    What they did here was move CanJump to the developmental program, so the provincial federation membership fee has gone up to cover the increase in insurance costs. That means around here paying about $50 more a year for that program. Other than that nothing changed other than more strict coach...
  2. hawaii_gymnast

    Restricted Trampoline Use Thoughts

    What I have heard is the insurance company has lumped gymnastics club trampoline use in the same criteria as a trampoline park so the rates are insane due to all the trampoline park accidents. They do not see that a gymnastics club even in a recreational setting is totally different. I think...
  3. hawaii_gymnast

    Restricted Trampoline Use Thoughts

    In Alberta Trampoline use of any kind has been restricted to competitive athletes only under the direct supervision of a Level 2 certified coach. Recreational classes of any kind are allowed no trampoline use even under supervision of a certified coach. Trampoline use includes trampolines...
  4. hawaii_gymnast

    Camp recommendations

    There a couple camps to a much smaller and more personalized feel if you venture out West.
  5. hawaii_gymnast

    Charges against Canada’s national womem’s team director

    It has been a sad tough couple weeks for the Canadian gymnastics community.
  6. hawaii_gymnast

    And yet more accusations

    A little update- He has since been suspended by Gymnastics Canada and Alberta Gymnastics. There has been a fair amount that I have seen on social media of past athletes coming out and saying that they only ever had positive experiences at his gym and working with him and they are very hurt by...
  7. hawaii_gymnast

    And yet more accusations

    It is my understanding that he has no involvement in the running of the gym, coaching etc. but he will still profit financially from the gym. Not sure that is fully correct just my take on it.
  8. hawaii_gymnast

    And yet more accusations
  9. hawaii_gymnast

    Where to find good sliders?

    Crazy carpets (for toboganning) also work really well, just cut them into whatever size and shape you want. Might be hard to find if you live somewhere with out snow though.
  10. hawaii_gymnast

    It has been longer then I thought...

    I am pretty sure every province other than Quebec has adopted the USAG JO system with compulsory routines for 1-5 and then Optionals for level 6-10, with high performance being separate from this as Elite is in the USA. Many provinces still have their own interclub sort of programs as well.
  11. hawaii_gymnast

    For Coaches Power hurdle

    Long jump land with arms up by ears into step to lunge. I usually do it off of a box. Once you feel like they have that do about 100 more and then try to speed it up. Visual clues help a lot of kids, either velcro feet if you have them, or chalk or colour dots to land on.
  12. hawaii_gymnast

    I am at a loss... looking for direction...

    Remember that being good at gymnastics is not enought reason to stay. I see it all the time, the kid wants to quit and the parent says "oh but you are so good at gymnastics why would you want to quit." To spend as much time in the gym as these girls do they have to love it and have the desire...
  13. hawaii_gymnast

    Dry Needling

    I know that it is not exactly the same but I had IMS in my back while I was training. It is definitely not comfortable to get done, and was often sore for a day or 2 afterwards but then j always felt so much better. For me the couple minutes of pain was well worth the couple weeks of relief. I...
  14. hawaii_gymnast

    Pike Gainer off the End of Beam

    I find some kids are just natural at gainers and neber have any issues, others take a while to figure it out. Have seen a few broken feet from kicking the beam in them, don't watch her learn them. I wouldn't say that there is a higher risk of injury than anything else she is doing at the gym
  15. hawaii_gymnast

    Moving from rec to team

    In my experience if they do come back they don't usually last too long before they are done for good. The reasons why they quit team in the first place generally come back pretty quick.
  16. hawaii_gymnast

    Aspire 1 jump series

    A switch leap is a requirement in its own. Next requirement would be a leap pass- must be 2 leaps not jumps one with a cross split. Most often the switch split is the first leap followed by a side leap or switch side. Then there is another requirement of a mixed series- you usually see a...
  17. hawaii_gymnast

    For Coaches Band Assisted Pull-ups

    I don't have a picture but all I did is tie a heavy (black) resistance band around the bar in a loop. It hangs down about a foot- so I cut the band about 2 feet before it got tied on. The kids put both feet in the band and hands on the bar and do there pull ups. I do it mostly with my 4-5 year...
  18. hawaii_gymnast

    For Coaches Do your Board members get perks for their kids in a non-profit club?

    Parents around here don't recieve perks for being on the board. Other than the perk of knowing what is going on and having a say in decisions it is all volunteer. Coaches here don't get a discount ir othet perks for their kids to train either.
  19. hawaii_gymnast

    Tattoo/art question

    Even though it may not be a deduction I would talk to the coaches as the gym may have their own rules about it. I know my gym would not allow it.
  20. hawaii_gymnast

    WDYT? Does "cheating" catch up with them?

    The hard worker who never cheats may never catch up to or out score the talented cheater but the gymnast who is cheating is not working up to their full potential, they are happy with good enough. I can't imagine that cutting it in elite though, I don't care how talented you are you are not...
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