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  1. amiandjim

    JO Nationals is NOT in Indy for 5 years! Coach P will be!
  2. amiandjim

    Oh Sam!

    Apparently, Sam fell 4 times in qualifying and just barely will squeak into the AA final due to a fall from Akash. He did hit HB so should make that final. I so wish he could put together a strong meet internationally just once!
  3. amiandjim

    USAG clarifies Safesport guidelines I particularly found interesting that they now state parents should have access to all training sessions. While our gym has open viewing, I know many, many do not.
  4. amiandjim

    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    Apparently USAG will begin enforcing the no open back policy starting Aug 1
  5. amiandjim

    Another congrats to region 5!

    Congratulations to Region 5 for winning super team at JO Nationals! I have to tell you we went to yesterday’s Junior and Senior D session and there was some amazing gymnastics happening. Region 5 was having a great day until bars. The first two girls had rough routines and it was looking...
  6. amiandjim

    Congrats to Region 5!

    Region 5 squeaked out a win by 1 point over Region 8 at Easterns!!
  7. amiandjim

    NCAA Who else is glued to the gymternet today??

    It’s all but officially confirmed that Jordyn Weiber will be the new HC at Arkansas AND Chris Brooks will be AC! Very interesting and exciting for Jo!
  8. amiandjim

    Does anyone have a list of A and B bar skills?

    Having a discussion about level 6 and 7 bars and wondering if anyone has a list? Specifically, wondering if a tucked, piked, and layout flyaway are all A dismounts?
  9. amiandjim

    Level 6/7 split leap question

    My daughter is just a level 4 so it doesn’t pertain to her, but I’m curious about the 180 degree leap requirement in level 6/7. I see a lot of routines at those levels that have leaps that clearly do not meet 180. I know they receive deductions on the leap, but let’s say it’s 140-160 degrees...
  10. amiandjim

    Simone has a kidney stone!!

    According to her IG, she has a kidney stone and is at the hospital!
  11. amiandjim

    University of Michigan assistant coach arrested Ugh! It never ends!
  12. amiandjim

    NY Times article about abuse at Everest The fat group?!?!!? Disgusting!
  13. amiandjim

    Success after retirement!

    I just wanted to share that a girl from my daughter’s old gym who retired as a level 6 last year WON the CrossFit Games for her age group today! That’s defeating girls from around the world. I know parents and gymnasts sometimes struggle with what to do after retirement, and just wanted to...
  14. amiandjim

    International Elite Tom Forster new NTC (National Team Coordinator)
  15. amiandjim

    Alex Naddour added to suspended list!
  16. amiandjim

    Interesting turn: Bela and Martha Karolyi suing USA Gymnastics
  17. amiandjim

    For Parents A happy gym change story!

    Since we often talk about gym changes and coaches/owners reacting negatively, I thought I would share a very different reaction! We are changing gyms simply because I think another training approach might be better for my daughter. I love, love our current/old gym and coaches, my daughter has...
  18. amiandjim

    New Ohashi blog Aside from her misuse of the word vertebrates, I thought this was well written.
  19. amiandjim

    More lost sponsors for USAG
  20. amiandjim

    Another coach banned Wow
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