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  1. hawaii_gymnast

    Restricted Trampoline Use Thoughts

    In Alberta Trampoline use of any kind has been restricted to competitive athletes only under the direct supervision of a Level 2 certified coach. Recreational classes of any kind are allowed no trampoline use even under supervision of a certified coach. Trampoline use includes trampolines...
  2. hawaii_gymnast

    And yet more accusations
  3. hawaii_gymnast

    Straddle cast in Compulsory

    We have in the past year made the switch to JO and I have seen a vouple times athletes doing straddle up casts in compulory levels 4 and 5- between 45 degrees and handstand. Judges- should there be deductions if this is done? What would they be? Or is the straddle jump technique allowed...
  4. hawaii_gymnast


    Doing some research into how States competitions work in the states, if you could answer a few questions that would really help. Anybody in Canada, how has your province decided to do provincials with the adoption of JO? What State are you in? How do qualifications work? (Score to reach at 1...
  5. hawaii_gymnast


    Just wanted to say that I am thinking about all the people who had to be evacuated and potentially lost everything from Fort McMurray. Haven't heart any news yet if the gym there is still standing or not. I know the coaches still headed to Westerns, not sure if all the girls went or not. At...
  6. hawaii_gymnast

    Diving and Gymnastics?

    One of my athletes has recently started doing diving on top of her gymnastics, I have noticed a couple new issurd arising in her technique. Not sure if due to diving or just coincidence. Have any parents or athletes had gymnastics and diving work at the same time? Coaches do you think it is...
  7. hawaii_gymnast

    World Championship Teams

    Team announcements are out! MAG: Zachary Clay-- Twisters, Abborsford BC Ken Ikeda-- Twisters, Abborsford BC Kevin Lytwyn-- University of Calgary, Calgary AB Scott Morgan-- Flicka, Vancouver BC Jackson Payne-- Capital City Gymnastics, Edmonton AB Hugh Smith-- Halifax Alta Gymnastics, Halifax NS...
  8. hawaii_gymnast

    For Coaches Assessments

    When you have kids interested in your club coming from a different club and they come for an assessment to see where they fit, what are you focuses during that 15- 30 minutes?
  9. hawaii_gymnast

    For Coaches How you run competitive classes

    How do you run your events during a competitive/pre competitive class? Do you do a circuit, or stations with partners, or just have a list of stuff they go through (either written or verbal), or another way of them knowing what to do? What have you found to be the most effective to stop them...
  10. hawaii_gymnast

    Potential Changes CPP to JO

    Not sure very many of you here are in the CPP program anyways (I believe most do CPN or NN), but just wanted to say that I received an email with a survey about what I think about switching from CPP to JO. It is being discussed in many provinces and they are hoping to have a nation wide program...
  11. hawaii_gymnast

    Judging Attire

    Anyone have any suggestions for what to wear judging when we were told we do not need to wear our uniform, because it is just a fun meet. We were only told we can dress casual, but keep it professional (not too much skin). Any suggestions, even if your not a judge. Keep in mind that I have your...
  12. hawaii_gymnast


    I know it is kind of late as meet season had started but I was cleaning out my email and realized that I have a copy of the CPN main charts, I know lots of parents were wondering about exact requirements so if you want to know still I may be able to help you out. And from know on I will be...
  13. hawaii_gymnast

    For Coaches Breaking in Grips

    What do you have your girls do to break in their first pair of grips? I have 3 girls that have grips on the way and these are my first girls to get new grips (others don't need them yet or already had them once I got them). They are around old L5-L6 in the states (P2 here).
  14. hawaii_gymnast

    Dealing with the Crazies

    More out of curiosity as I have no say in what actually happens but: What do you do with the athletes who have crazy parents, parents who are causing problems not only with other parents but with the gym. I don't want to go into many specifics now, but they are definitely causing problems that...
  15. hawaii_gymnast

    For Coaches Can you just stand there?

    I get it all the time, mostly for back tumbling on floor and flyaways. How to you try the get your kids away from it especially the ones who have wanted someone to stand there for over a year?
  16. hawaii_gymnast


    To any of the judges out there, please tell me it gets easier. I have just started an online judging course for our Canadian system (modified FIG rules) and trying to memorize all these symbols seems impossible as of right now. Any judges out there have any tips of how to memorize them and once...
  17. hawaii_gymnast

    For Coaches Year Long Plan

    I am trying to work to create a year long plan for my competitive group (approximately L4-L6), it's my first time coaching competitive and honestly don't know where exactly to start. I want to create sort of a timeline of what I should work on: new skills, perfecting skills, half routines, full...
  18. hawaii_gymnast

    For Coaches Fear

    I know there are a lot of questions about dealing with fear on hear but this one is a little different. As a coach, what do you do with the kids that have a big fear of not doing any skill back wards (back handspring, back walkover on beam, back tuck, flyaway, etc.) when they are completely...
  19. hawaii_gymnast

    Heaven Latimer

    Anybody know why Heaven Latimer wasn't at Nationals?
  20. hawaii_gymnast

    When the body quits before you feel finished.

    I know that lots of you have gone through this before so maybe you have a little advice for me. Long story short I have gone through many injuries this year, some gym related some not and my body just can't handle the stress of the sport any longer. I would have been more open to it if I had a...
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