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  1. froggythegymnast

    level 8 requirements for gymnastics?

    I know that they have changed does anyone know what the requirements are? Also if anyone knows what the high school level for gymnastics are thank you
  2. froggythegymnast

    For Coaches Got the Coaching job!

    I applied to my longed loved gymnastics gym and I got the job of coach, I will be a coach assistant at first then by January I will hopefully get my very own class! I haven't worked that much with levels 1-2 only 3 and above. What do I have to do to be prepared to do during these levels? Also do...
  3. froggythegymnast

    For Coaches Compulsory & Xcel (Prep-Op) Girls Team Coach?!?

    I was an ex-gymnast and my coach called me to be a prep-op coach?! I never was in pre-op I was coached privately can you tell me what the pre-op coach does? Thanks
  4. froggythegymnast

    Coach dosnt care?

    I don't even know anymore my coach just dosnt seem to care I always keep on doing the same drills and don't learn anything everything is the same . He says that I can't go up no levels till I get the skills but he dosnt tell me at all what level I am or anything! Or what's good for my age(17)...
  5. froggythegymnast

    How to get more hight and ability to do a side somi and front aerial?

    When i do the front aerial i nearly got it but then it looks like a front handspring nothing like a aerial): any way on how to improve this to make it look like nastia's? Long, beautiful and effortless? My secound problem is the side somi i never get enough hight for it and then i fall on my...
  6. froggythegymnast

    getting back on BB after ACL injury?

    Im getting back on BB after i hurt my ACL in January and my coach is making me re-learn everything that i lost on beam. Yesturday i was doing Cartwheels and the begining was good but when i would land it i will fall off beam or try to get my balance. its usually a 50/50 sometime i make it but...
  7. froggythegymnast

    Back tumbling on beam....

    I'm just so scared to go backwards and tumble I freak my self out but when I have mats next to the low beam I'm ok? And I can't get my hand placement on beam can anyone help?
  8. froggythegymnast

    In the Olympics do you have to do all four events?

    I was wondering if in the AA final do you have to do all four events.
  9. froggythegymnast

    RO BHS back tuck?

    Any tip on how to improve them? I can do them but I don't really have hight on them
  10. froggythegymnast

    What's one skill that you hate the most and can't get no matter what?

    I hate hate hate hate kips I never can get them I always push away from the bar if I'm not doing that then I can't pull my self up to the bar! Is there any way that I could do them easily or train to do them well at home?
  11. froggythegymnast

    The kip.....

    I hate hate hate hate kips I never can get them I always push away from the bar if I'm not doing that then I can't pull my self up to the bar! Is there any way that I could do them easily or train to do them well at home?
  12. froggythegymnast

    I don't know what to do no more bent legs like a frog!!!

    I have been trying my hardest I mean everything I can do to make them straight. When doing a RO BHS they are slightly bent but when I do vault or even bars they are bent like frog legs ): my mother dosnt know what to do and if they don't become straight by next month she says shes going to...
  13. froggythegymnast

    how to get less rips/no rips

    Always on bars i get rips alll the time i try everything to get rid of them and they hurt alot any way to not get them at all or that they will be less painfull??
  14. froggythegymnast

    Good gymnastics videos like "gold medal gymnastics by amanda borden" is it worth it??

    Is it worth to buy the videos or is there a site that you could get them cheaper or even free?
  15. froggythegymnast

    pacific rim championships 2012?

    Hey! Anyone know where i can watch them live? I know they are going to be on NBC tomorrow 17 of march but i would like to watch the rhythmic and trampoline portion to! Anyone know where to watch them live on the computer?
  16. froggythegymnast

    Any t&t meets close to wi?

    Are there any this month or in April that are close to wi? Thank u
  17. froggythegymnast

    Leo help?

    Yesturday I was at the gym and I saw this amazing Leo that a girl had on i know it was from was purple, with sparkles and "chicago style" written all over.* The back was white, foil on the top portion, with a large keyhole in the middle of the back . Do you know where I could find...
  18. froggythegymnast

    Skills for tramp levels 1-10?

    Dose anyone know the skill levels for tramp. My coach told me yesturday that the level 1 skills are: -tuck jump -stright jump -pike jump -stright jump -1/2 turn -stright jump -drop sit -land on feet Anyone know the rest of the skills for the other levels?? THANKS GUYS!(:
  19. froggythegymnast

    In between a rock and a hard place?

    I love gymnastics but my friends at school want me to do track this year since its my last year in high school. But the track dates are mondays, wendsdays and thursdays 3:30pm-5:00pm. Thous are the same days i have gymnastics from 6:00-8:00pm. What should I do?? I really wanna do gymnastics but...
  20. froggythegymnast

    2012 USA Gymnastics Rhythmic & Trampoline Championships ?

    When do you think the tickets will be available for the 2012 USA Gymnastics Rhythmic & Trampoline Championships June 26-28, 2012 San Jose, Calif.
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