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  1. DND

    Elite Canada question

    I was wondering if an athlete is age eligible for novice but tries for junior and does not get it. Can they still go for or petition a novice spot?
  2. DND

    Live streaming Elite Canada 2016 Does this mean they will be live streaming the event?
  3. DND

    Gyms in Orlando near Disney area

    We are going to Orlando, but have now found out they have moved up DD provincial meet date. Does anyone know of any clubs that would let a l9 (hopefully) child get a few hours/few days of training in?
  4. DND

    Been out of touch...

    Its been a crazy year and I haven't been online for sometime, but as "normal" is in sight I wanted to touch base and catch up with the many great friends I have made here who have always offered so much support. DD is starting back training in gym now after having surgery on her hip and she is...
  5. DND

    2015 National Championships

    DD mentioned today something about no one wanting to host nationals or elite canada this year. What would happen in that case? How will kids get carded? Has this happened ever before?
  6. DND

    New rule re Leo's and music

    I heard today that there is some new rule in regards to leos's matching music. Hear say not from a coach. Has anyone heard of such a thing? It is supposed to start in May just before Canadian Nationals, but I just can't wrap my head around it. Both are so subjective I can't imagine it could...
  7. DND

    Question about scoring and ranks

    I was following some gymnasts in the National Novice category at Gymnix and noticed for some athletes on their first event score would be lest say 12.7 but under all around with was noted at 14.2. Then I was looking at the ranks and they have gymnasts listed with a higher rank on a event i.e...
  8. DND

    Question for Owners or Administrators

    I am not sure where to post this so please feel free to move it if required. Our gym is looking at possibly changing our management program and I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions or comments both good and bad on ones you use. On top of the usual registration and email...
  9. DND

    Legends meet in California

    DD has found out they will be attending this meet in February. This will be her first time competing out of the country and only her second time competing outside of our small city. Does anyone have advice or knowledge of how competing in the US compared to Canada will be? I think they are...
  10. DND

    Thoughts and prayers for those in Alberta

    Thought and prayers for all the gymmies and clubs in Alberta and hope they are are safe and gyms are still in one piece! Nice to see all kinds of posts on Kijiji of people offering support and opening up their homes to those evacuated with no where to go.
  11. DND

    For Parents Recital Over...summer break approaching

    What a past couple of weeks! Dance and gym recitals over and now weekends off for the summer. School ends Wednesday and all have had rehearsals, presentations and track and field days piled on top of each other. I am excited for a rest and DD is already worried about what we are going to do...
  12. DND

    What is the ND in a score

    When looking at score I see there is a the D score and E score which I understand. What is ND as I s sometimes it is positive and other times it is negative? At first I thought it was a bonus, but as a negative that would not be the case.
  13. DND

    Never seen mens comp before

    I was at Westerns for DD's meet this weekend and was volunteering doing scorekeeping. On one of the sessions I got put on the Mens high bar and it was a blast. Our gym does not have mens and really the one main gym that had mens in our Province lost their space at the university a couple of...
  14. DND

    Advice urgent...

    DD has her meet training tomorrow 830 am and spent from about 10 til 1130 pm throwing up and well you know... Everything all at once. Do I wake her and see how she is or bear the wrath and have her miss the venue training which I am sure will throw her off for Sat am comp. If she says she...
  15. DND

    Question about Canadian gymnastics

    DD is going to our Western Canadian championships in a couple of weeks. As we are from a small province we only have 4 girls in her category so there are never any team events at meets. She asked me to see if they will be able to compete as a team as there is only 4 girls and other provinces...
  16. DND

    Meet results and brag....

    After my lost post where DD had been at her Provincial meet practice at the venue and did a dismount onto her head; everything turned around and she did great. She was nervous going in, but the event order let her move on and it was a great day. 1st event Bars: DD looked pretty nervous and...
  17. DND

    Praying for the "forget"fairies....and some good luck!

    We have our Provincial Championships this Sunday and they got to go train at the event yesterday for two hours. DD had a good bar workout and then went to beam. I could see her looking at the tape job and when she went up I could tell she was not "feeling"it up there. During her first one...
  18. DND

    Is there enough time to compete after being restricted?

    DD went to the doctors Wednesday and after taking a new Xray she was okayed to remove the boot (growth plate fracture) and start back. Main thing to to let pain be her guide. She is registered to compete in Montreal March 8th and I am not sure if this will be too soon. She told me Friday that...
  19. DND

    Elite Canada 2013 question

    Does anyone know if they are having live feeds from this event?
  20. DND

    For Parents Just can't get a break....

    DD was training Thursday and slipped on her connection on beam. I have to be honest it did not seem like one of her "biggest" falls I have seen, but then I saw the coaches were spending a lot of time looking and massaging her foot. She was sent home an our early and I was told to try and...
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