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  1. Imat3

    For Parents Other parents taking video of your kid

    Okay, I am just wondering if it happens to anyone else. If it does happen to you, what do you think about it and how do you handle it? I am personally having a bit of a problem with it, but not sure how to approach this parent. Also, I feel sorry for the child of this parent. The girl...
  2. Imat3

    For Coaches buckle on dowel grips

    My daughter just got Bailie single buckle dowel grips and is trying to get used to them. She knows that it will take some time to get them broke in. One of the main problems she is having is the buckle seems to really bother her. She is wearing bands and they are plenty tight. My question...
  3. Imat3

    For Parents Hours in the gym-Level 5's

    I am wondering what is the average hours level 5's should workout. Our level 5's workout 14 hours during the season and 20 during the summer. Just trying to get a feel for what is normal. Our level 4's now workout 9, so it is a big just for our new 5's. Thanks, Imat3
  4. Imat3

    For Parents Sibling competition

    How do you parents deal with siblings who both do gymnastics? I make a special effort to encourage them to look at their own improvements, and not to compare themselves to their sister or other girls on the team. However, I am still having some issues with one of my daughters comparing...
  5. Imat3

    Arm circle on level 4 vault?

    Is the arm circle required on the level 4 vault? Why do some teams do the arm circle and some don't? It seems that the teams who do it, get higher vault scores. Just wondering... Imat3
  6. Imat3

    Hello everyone

    Hello, I found this site this summer when my girls started gymnastics, but just got around to joining. What a great place. My girls are 10 and just started gymnastics this summer. They competed in Tumbling and Trampoline the past 2 years, but are really loving gymnastics so far. They are...
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