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    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended

    I think many stated, and were right, that USAG often did not do enough to change the abusive culture of the sport. Now they are starting to do something.
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    Academic All-Americans

    You definitely did not make us sad. We already were. My boy is a senior, so missing all the championship meets this year is extra tough. This was supposed to be the fun at the end of his JO career.
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    Academic All-Americans

    I can’t either. So heartbreaking.
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    Academic All-Americans

    Good point
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    Academic All-Americans

    Did your boy get his in the mail? E has not gotten his yet.
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    For Parents Advice Needed :)

    It soudsn like they expect a 6yo to act more like an 8yo. That, along with the back and forth decision making, would make me look elsewhere. She needs to be somwhere where they coach her to be the best kid she can be.
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    For Parents Incentives

    Love that, the medal is the reward! We go out after meets becasue we need to eat and refuel the depleted gymnast, win or lose, they worked hard and need food.
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    For Parents Incentives

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    For Parents Incentives

    It misses the whole point. It really does take time. The outside incentive will not make the muscle memory come mreo quickly. The reward for working hard to get the skill is ..... the skill!
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    Which kind of gym is better?

    Basics and technique are very important for lengevity. Learning lots of skills does not necessarily build a great foundation for upper level gymnastics.
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    For Parents 2 1/2 years after her injury, my DD overcame her fear

    How great! I do remember when she hurt herself. Amazng to see her choose to overcome it. It is these perosnal milestones that mean the most.
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    Which kind of gym is better?

    I would need to know more. Hours? Coaching style? Approach to conditioning? Injury rate?
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    Repeating l4

    I would look at other gyms now. A coach saying that they don't have time to work on shaping and positioning is telling you that he does not have time to coach your child. This was an issue at our alst gym, the caochw as spread thin and the lower elvels did not progress. Repeating should be what...
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    Levels that start with T?

    I have no idea. But your title sounded like a jeopardy category. Made me laugh. I will take l4vels that start with T for $200. :p
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    USAG enforcing leotard policy

    I recommend coaches print this put abs gave it with them at meets if there is any questions.
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    What does "Allowed to walk-on" actually mean?

    May or may not compete but will work out with the team.
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    For Parents Daughter level 4 - need advice

    I agree. All the pressure and deadlines is mking teh problemw ay worse. she wantrs to do gymanstics, her brain and body are not working togehter. The more pressure she gets the harder it is to get past this. you nad ylur husband need to elarn about metnal bloacks and how to treat kids in...
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    The dreaded 13-15 year old hump

    I saw a lot more boys leave the sport than girls. Many boys who stated in gymnatics at my boys' gym were also doing other sports. By middle school they could not do gymnastics and the other sprots. Most often, they chose the other sport. Even at younger ages, they often left as the days and...
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    The dreaded 13-15 year old hump

    Mine quit just after her 13th birthday. She had more than one interest and knew she had to choose as she could not put enough time into all of them. There was some sadness but I was proud of her for making a reasoned decision. Obviously, many girls stick with the sport but at that age it needs...
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    Quad flyaway

    Wow, his giant and tap are so slow and he flips so fast.
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