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  1. beachgirl

    L7 Tumbling Question

    My daughter says she is doing 2 tumbling passes, FHS FLO and ROBHS full. I then asked if she was doing a 3rd pass because you have to do a BLO and she says that she doesn't have to because a full is a BLO twisted. I think the BLO has to be not twisted. None of the more recent L7s I've seen at...
  2. beachgirl

    What's the format for the trials?

    Will 4 events be going at once or will each event be done individually so we can enjoy watching everything? If it starts at 5 on Sunday what time will it be over?
  3. beachgirl

    One Shoe?

    Why does Ragan Smith only wear one shoe for beam and floor? Do others do this too and I just haven't noticed?
  4. beachgirl

    Looking for offer code

    I kept hoping our gym was going to do something about getting tickets and it didn't happen. Does anyone have the offer code that they can personal message me. I think it's different than the presale code of GOLD. I'm hoping to buy the tickets today. Thanks for any help.
  5. beachgirl

    For Parents Grip finger holes too big

    My DD just got her first (and second) pair of grips. I don't know all of the terminology but her coach wants her to have something called a pixie grip that is more narrow with buckles instead of velcro. We measured her hand and ordered from the company her coach wanted us to order from, Frank...
  6. beachgirl

    Tapped at Woodward West??

    My DD is at Woodward West this week and I just received an email from Woodward saying that she has been tapped. Is this a marketing ploy to get her to return this year or has she really done an exceptional job? How many kids get this?
  7. beachgirl

    UCLA Gymnastics Camp

    I'm thinking of sending my 9 year old L4 DD to the 3 day UCLA camp in July. She will not be staying overnight and has never been to a camp before. Has anyone's child ever been to UCLA before or to any college camp? I can't seem to find much info that describes the day and the supervision...
  8. beachgirl

    Overtime Deduction and Other Beam Related Questions

    What is the deduction for going overtime on the beam in L3? When does the time start and when does it end? My daughter seems to take a lot of time after saluting to start to actually get on the beam. Also, once she tripped while turning around after she saluted the judge before even touching...
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