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  1. sce

    Boys gymnastics Berlin

    Hi all, I have a jaianese friend who’s son is a gymnast. They moved to Berlin. She says that there is not a lot of possibilities for him to keep up at his level. The one place age found us a national training center that includes a German school. Usually they don’t take foreigners there. He...
  2. sce

    JO pommel horse question

    Level 10 question. A judge told our coach that the B handstand dismount counts as a C on pommel. We are surprised we were just told this. Is it true?
  3. sce

    Michigan compulsories

    I have just heard something quite puzzling to me. In Michigan, for low level co Pilloried, kids can compete the routine from a higher level. So say a girl is level 1, she might compete the level 2 floor routine in her level 1 competition? Sounds crazy, no idea how that would really work well...
  4. sce

    National Signing Day

    This was a pretty amazing senior class. Exciting to hear where they are all ending up for college. One of E's teammates has committed to Cal. Stanford is going to have an amazing team next year.
  5. sce

    Travel size

    Does travel size spray deoderant exist? My ds prefers Surat deodorant when he is in his competition uniform. But he is flying to sone meets and we’d like to not check bags. I cannot find a travel size deodorant spray. Every other aerosol product: hairspray, sunscreen, bug repellent, and shave...
  6. sce

    stanford open

    Who's going? What level? Want to meet up? Mine is level 10, competing Friday evening.
  7. sce

    Academic All American

    It's time to apply for this year. The application is due Feb 15. It is for all high school age gymnasts with a 3.5 or higher gpa. The awards are handed out at nationals and mailed to gymnasts who do not go to nationals. he lists are sent tot he college coaches...
  8. sce

    non-sanctioned meets?

    Okay, so I have heard a few times of kids competing JO levels at non-sanctioned meets. How would that even work? How would you get judges? Why would a gym choose to attend a non-sanctioned meet. I don't know if that happens in my area, as all the meets I know of are listed on our states USAG...
  9. sce

    women's AA

    Ragan was injured in warm-ups and pulled out of the AA. This has been a tough world's for the tops athletes.
  10. sce

    spray on wrists?

    OK, before rings the US men sprayed something on their wrists before putting their grips on. It appears they also tape their wrists under their wrist guards and grips too. Any idea what they sprayed on their wrists?
  11. sce

    competition uniform

    Okay, I am watching video form podium training, Are the US men's uniforms exceedingly tight this year? I have never seen them tug on their uniforms so much. Also, they seem to wear their shorts very low on their hips. It's annoying to watch them tug at their uniforms like we we hope our boys...
  12. sce

    face mask

    Curious. I have seen some videos of elite men in the UK that are at times wearing some sort of mask while training. Any idea what it is, what the purpose is?
  13. sce

    JO update

    Update #3 is out. A few interesting things: They are using JR FIG code of points. No idea what changes that makes. Level 10 is now 8 skills, vs 10 previously. JD has a div 1 and div 2. I've only skimmed it but those things stood out to me. I also think I saw that 11yo can do JD...
  14. sce

    an odd question

    So my ds has expressed irritation over his leg hairs. He has tight curly hair on his lower legs and it bugs him at gym, a in it gets pulled etc, the aesthetics are not the issue. Do male gymnasts ever shave their legs?
  15. sce

    Another one

    Looks like he's worked in a lot of states. So sad.
  16. sce

    YouTube/instagram fame and NCAA

    So, there is a prominent YouTube family, their daughters are gymnasts. The family has designed and sold leotards with their channel name, hosted a gym meet and now they are designing a pair of Nike's to sell. Isn't all of this in violation of the NCAA if their kids want to compete in college? I...
  17. sce

    Brett McClure

    USAG just announced that Brett McClure was hired to work with the men's program. He has been head coach at Cal for the last few years and assistant at Stanford before that. Exciting for him and USAG.
  18. sce

    random curiosity

    So my son skipped form level 6 to level 9. Age wise he is an older level 9. But he is not ready for level 10. Most of the boys he is competing against seem abut in the same boat, clearly not ready for level 10, too old for level 8. There are a few though that puzzle me. These boys are...
  19. sce

    Div 2 and regionals

    I am in region 1 and was just looking at the website for regionals. it states that only Div 1 level 5-7 will go to regionals. The USAG documents make it look like both Div 1 and 2 will go to regionals. Is this being left up to each region? Do you know what your region is doing?
  20. sce

    JD scoring

    So much new stuff this year. I was following the scores of a JD competition, as we know a few of the competitors. My kid is not JD. I thought I understood the scoring but then some scores were higher than I thought possible. Can someone explain scoring for JD? Also are the deductions for form...
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