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  1. Sk8ermaiden

    For Parents Using gym PT?

    Oh, ugh! A coach at our old gym did that to one of the girls and she still has problems from that injury 2 years later. My kid never had that coach at that time, but it spawned yet another round of "A coach is never allowed to hurt you. Stretching might be uncomfortable, but it shouldn't HURT...
  2. Sk8ermaiden

    Return to gym stories

    I know our gym is hurting badly with the numbers low. Coming in right after 9 weeks of closure, the precautions combined with the fact that rec has not snapped back has to be murder for them financially. They did what Laura said and started at 7:30 am, running until 10 some nights. We were...
  3. Sk8ermaiden

    Return to gym stories

    In Texas right now it's 25% of capacity for gyms, and I can tell you that our gym that is a fraction the size of WCC is "allowed" something crazy like 160 people. (We aren't allowing near that many though, of course.) Many of the mega gyms here opened back up with their full class load and the...
  4. Sk8ermaiden

    Gym opening data in the US by state

    Oh, I know. I'm in Texas. We don't exactly have small numbers, but things are on a very fast track toward "business as usual."
  5. Sk8ermaiden

    Gym opening data in the US by state

    It's so crazy how wildly different things are across the US.
  6. Sk8ermaiden

    What's your best guess at what next season will look like?

    I am sure that if they really wanted to, they could figure out how to do this, but in states with large numbers, fitting in all the state meets and finding enough appropriate gyms available to host would be very difficult. I looked at a state (I want to say LA?) That had a state meet for lower...
  7. Sk8ermaiden

    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Gymnastics Club Reopening Steps / Process

    Yeah, reducing number of people in the gym is one of the only things being done that actually will make a difference. Add in that evidence seems to show that kids are actually getting the virus at a lower rate than adults, even when exposed, and that when adults get sick they are more likely to...
  8. Sk8ermaiden

    How might chalk, fans, impact COVID spread?

    The epidemic management expert who advised our gym (that was his position for the fire department even before Covid) said chalk is too dry - the virus can't live in it.
  9. Sk8ermaiden

    Return to gym stories

    I know the little gymmie in the cover shot of that video. She and DD were in pre-team together once upon a time. :D
  10. Sk8ermaiden

    Extremely Tall Female Gymnasts

    The first time I attended a meet with level 9s was a real education! Bars I was used to seeing adjusted, pit-crew style, but vault is something else! Every girl had a different vault setting, board setting, yurchenko mat for the board or not (I don't know what that mat is called), and different...
  11. Sk8ermaiden

    Extremely Tall Female Gymnasts

    And I don't watch much NCAA, but I have heard a dozen times that Kyla's bars improved almost immediately when she got to NCAA and could use a better setting for her height.
  12. Sk8ermaiden

    Extremely Tall Female Gymnasts

    The internet says she's 5' 5." That is how tall Khorkina is too, right?
  13. Sk8ermaiden

    Extremely Tall Female Gymnasts

    Yeah, they can be changed pretty quickly. When there's a session of upper level girls where there might only be one or two girls from each gym it seems like practically every kid will have her own setting - all the coaches in the rotation will pop in there and the bars will be changed over in...
  14. Sk8ermaiden

    Gym opening data in the US by state

    I know of another gym in LA that's open, but come to think of it, they're in Baton Rouge too.
  15. Sk8ermaiden

    Move up or repeat

    Our highest levels right now are 6/7. Three days in and I'm surprised how quickly they're bouncing back. The skills are still there, it's just getting used to doing scary things again. Most of them did at least some regular conditioning - the ones that did nothing have definitely lost some...
  16. Sk8ermaiden


    Yeah, now our kids sit around the bar area with their little tupperwares and chalk their grips and talk. Nothing has changed except the vessel and the girls being a bit farther apart. :D As soon as this is all over, whenever that is, the chalk buckets will come back.
  17. Sk8ermaiden

    Gym opening data in the US by state

    Yep, and most indoor sports seem to have taken the "gym" verbage as a cue to open as well. Ninja, vollyball, etc, all opening today.
  18. Sk8ermaiden

    Gym opening data in the US by state

    Texas in 3...2...1...
  19. Sk8ermaiden

    Is Tuition Up Due to Coronavirus?

    We are actually paying less right now? Since we're not jumping straight back into full hours we're being charged less. I was fully expecting to be paying the same amount as before.
  20. Sk8ermaiden

    Where is USAG?

    Just found out the CDC approved cleaner our gym will be using breaks down into simple saltwater after it has done its job - the whole staff has been trained on its use, and they have enough time for it to work and break down between groups. So that was cool, because I know the toxic chemicals in...
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