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  1. MarinaAngel

    Adult BHS and impatience - pleaseee help!!!

    So, ive been doing gymnastics (as an adult) for around 5 months now. I go to class (1.5 hours) 2 times a week. I work out a little at home but really not much honestly. The thing is i realllllllyyy (and i can not emphasise how much) really really want to get a back handspring. I am getting...
  2. MarinaAngel

    For Parents Brand New Gymnast! Advice please?

    My daughter age 4 has just gone from the pre school class to her first proper gym session. She is at a well known club and has 1 lesson per week, 1 hour long. From what im reading this isnt enough time if she eventually decides to take this seriously, and i wonder at what point is it the time...
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