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  1. J

    Super Grips American Flag

    So, basically I have two main questions. A) how long do bar grips typically last for, for each level (1-10) of gymnastics? B) is there anywhere in the UK I can buy Super Grips with the American Flag on them?
  2. J

    Back walkovers and handsprings?

    What kinds of things help you get these skills? I can't join my clubs squad until I have either of these skills so I'd like to get them pretty quickly! Also, to do a yurchenko vault what skills do you need to have?
  3. J

    Tiger Paws?

    I need tiger paws for my vaulting but I live in the UK and can't find any anywhere and all the ones in the US cost $50 to ship. Does anyone know any places I can get them in the UK or places that would ship cheaply to the UK? Thanks! X
  4. J

    Help with flat backs and hand springs?

    I'm at camp this week and there are a few skills I'd like to improve, including my flat back and handspring on vault... Has anyone got any useful tips I could use?!
  5. J

    Kyla Ross floor music 2013

    Does anyone know the name of Kyla Ross's new floor music (the one she debuted at the 2013 Secret Classic)???
  6. J

    US National Championships

    Does anyone by any chance know what channel the US National Championships 2013 will be on in the UK this year?
  7. J

    Where do you keep your chalk?

    I was just wondering where you guys (Gymnasts) keep your chalk? I've seen girls at my gym keep in in Grip Bags, or some in little plastic tupperware boxes. Where do you guys keep yours??
  8. J

    Packing List?

    I have decided, at the very very very... last minute, to join my friend who is going to Rushmoor Gymnastics Summer Camp. However, I was wondering what exactly I should bring? I have heard that many girls change their leotards after their lunch break so should i bring 2 for each day? (Also, some...
  9. J

    Rushmoor Gymnastics?

    Hello, I am not jesstsherratt, I am her friend (who is going to Rushmoor Summer Camp 2013) and she told me that some people on here have daughters who have been to the camp and I was wondering if anyone was given a packing list or would be able to tell me what and how much to pack? For example...
  10. J

    Milano leotard

    I saw a girl at my Gym who had a Milano leotard that was awesome! I have looked for it everywhere but can't find it at all! It had an all black front with a Milano sign, but, the back was cut out in vertical stripes. All of the straps/stripes were different colors. It's kinda hard to explain...
  11. J

    Rushmoor Gymnastics Camp?

    Does anyone have any experience with Rushmoor Gymnastics Residential Summer Camp? I have a friend who is going this year and I was wondering if it is any good or not?
  12. J

    Joining squad?

    I'm hoping to join one of the squads at my gym... But there is a massive wait list and to even get on that wait list... You have to be tested! I really want to be tested to go on the wait list but I have no idea what they will test me on! Anyone have any ideas? Will it be things like 'can...
  13. J

    1 handed cartwheel?

    I need some tips on how to do a 1 handed cartwheel! I can do a perfect, straight 2 handed cartwheel by my 1 handed cartwheel just doesn't work! I can't get my feet up in the air properly! And tips?!
  14. J

    2012 USA replica leotards?

    I am in love with the leotard Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber wore in the floor finals of the 2012 London Olympics and I can't seem to find the replica anywhere! GK Elite don't sell them anymore and I have been looking everywhere! Does anyone know where I can buy this leotard?!
  15. J

    Uk levels system?

    Does anyone know how British Gymnastics works? I'd like to know all of the different routes including things like HAGA's (Hertfordshire Grading I think) and what options there are for older gymnasts?
  16. J

    Back walkover help!?

    Any advice/tips on how to get my back walkover!?
  17. J

    Front walkover help!?

    Any advice on how to get my front walkover?!
  18. J

    Circle up help!?

    I can't remember what it's called when you hang from the bar and bring your feet over to have your hips on the bar but I can't do it! I get my feet to the bar and then I can't push any further! How can I learn to do it!?
  19. J

    Back hip circle help!?

    I can't do a back hip circle! My arms bend and my hips fall away from the bar every time I try!
  20. J

    Squad testing?

    Ok, so we might be moving to Hertfordshire in 18 months, and I am thinking of joining a squad. We have spoken to them and they said that you have to be assessed before you can be put on the waiting list. So, I was wondering what kind of thing they would assess you on? What skills do you need...
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